Wednesday, October 08, 2008

If only my camera would have been handy...

I took Alice to school today, when we were leaving she was putting on a pink feather boa to match her outfit. I asked her, "are you sure about this?" she said, "Of course I am." so I told her she may have to take it off and put it in her backpack and if so she can't get mad. She looked at me like I'm an idiot (I'm certain I'll see this look more and more often) and told me, "I Look Fabulous!" Who could argue with that? So When I dropped her off the Principal, Mr. Davenport, was there to help her out of the car. He told her she looked beautiful, while thanking him she gave me this knowing look with a raised eyebrow as if to say, "See Mom????" I am glad that Robert and I have raised a girl with such self esteem, it will come in handy later!
You may be wondering where she got the pink feather boa. My friend Arcalee (Rhymes with parsley) gave her and Joely her daughter's Hand me down Bed Sets and all the cute decor that goes with them. The Feather Boa is a decoration for one of the bed sets- but Alice didn't agree with that. Boas are for wearing. Another miracle occured because when I gave her the bed sets after school yesterday, I told her Miss Arcalee (in texas you say Miss and then the person's first name--regardless of marital status-- in the north I would have said, Mrs. Gautier) would only give her these beautiful things if she'd be a big girl and sleep in her bed.. She thought about it and said, "OK I can do this!" When bedtime came, she was a bit apprehensive, but she did it and she slept there the whole night!!! Usually she wakes up some time and get into bed with us, but she only had pleasant dreams in her beautiful bed. The comforter she chose had a penguin from Surf's up on it and beautiful flowers, the bed skirt is a grass skirt- it's adorable. I'll take a picture of her in it with her feather boa after school.
Joely's bed is really cute lots of bright colors, for those of you that will understand the reference, It makes me think of Lizzy McGuire. She usually doesn't want any covers when you lay her down, but last night she got all comfortable on her pillows and reached down to pull up the sheets and the comforter, then blew me a kiss and said "Bye" ___ VERY ADORABLE!!!
OH and Joely is still not potty trained, but she's trying so I give her an "R" for readiness and I give myself an "N" for needs improvement.


Arcalee Gautier said...

This is a shout out to Alice.

Alice - I am glad that you like your feather boa and new bedding. I hope that you have sweet dreams in your new bed. You just have to tell mommy to take a picture of you in your boa and Joely in her new bedding, so that Samantha and I can see.

Love Arcalee & Samantha

Kristy said...

Good girl Alice, every girl needs to accessorize, and I think the boa was a perfect choice. I would have chosen earrings or a bracelet, but next time I might choose a boa:):)
Who knows she might be starting a new fashion statement at school. Won't the teachers love that;)

Jan said...

I think Alice sounds wonderful. I love that she knows what she wants to wear and WEARS IT. She's awesome.

4Girls4Me said...

That's hysterical!! I'd love to meet Alice! She sounds so much like her mother! :) Good for her! Plus, you've gotta love a girl who knows how to accessorize! :)

Yennigirl said...

Wow. I am impressed. Grace is girly in some ways, but about as Fancy Nancy as she gets, she only wears high heals with Collins hand me downs. And YEAH for YOU that Alice slept in her bed!

Galadriel said...

I was lucky enough to actually witness the loveliest Miss Alice I have ever seen while at boy scouts this week. The feather boa emboddied her personality. What a Diva. She was the best dressed there! There should be an award... Well, anything is better than the boy scout uniform... I digress.

Kristy said...

I got your cards today, way, way cute!!!!
Watch for my next post, it's all about the card group:)

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