Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Leftovers

This year Robert, the kids and I stayed in town and ate dinner with the Mullens side of the family. Robert's mom hosted and it was the family from Robert's dad side of the clan. Uncle Tony cooked the turkey, Bobby (robert's dad) smoked a ham, I brougth some sides, Bonnie brought a "semi" homemade pie. Sue (my mother in law) made her famous Chicken cornbread dressing, Baked Beans, New Potatoes and green Beans. There were plenty of desserts and lots of family. We had a great time. Sue let us take home most of the Turkey and Ham and all the sides I could fit into the many containers laying around. It was a great day. Bobby said something real poignant- I'm kind of quoting here-

"This year we have suffered loss (his sister Susan Passed away) and we had some wonderful gains (Susan's daughter had a beautiful baby boy, named Jackson in May) We all survived a hurrican and even though crazy things are happening in India we should be greatful for our blessings. The bible tells us to be thankful if we have food to eat and shoes on our feet, so we have plenty to be thankful for."

It was a nice thought and I'm greatful for our small immediate families, we each just have one brother and for the large extended families Robert and I both have- we both have tons of aunts, uncles and cousins. Robert is blessed because both of his Grandma's are still with us and one of his grandpas. I do really miss my grandparents the most around this time. So many of my memories of them involve Thanksgiving and big family parties- I loved that my dad's mom and sister often came to my mom's family's get togethers, it was really nice to be around everyone.

On to less poignant items-

One of the best Thanksgiving traditions is the Turkey Sandwich. All my life I looked forward to it, even more than the actual feast. When we moved to California mom found a resteraunt called the Pot Belly Deli. I googled it today and the closest I could find to where we lived was in Walnut Creek, (It's the link on the title) They made this awesome sandwich called the Turkey Berry sandwich. After that resteraunt, turkey sandwiches were never the same.
Here is the set up- ( I sound like Ken Hoffman now)

Two slices white bread (wheat will work for you granola types)

Put Mayonnaise on both slices (Ok mom uses Miracle whip, which was fine for me for a long time, that was until living in Brazil and eating real mayo, I'm sorry but Miracle whip no longer does it for me)

Put some congealed cranberry "sauce" on each slice

Put some stuffing on one side and then put some turkey on top of the stuffing.

Shut the sandwich and eat it's delicious yumminess.

I had to stop and get some congealed cranberries and some stove top stuffing so I could make the sandwich, but it was as good as I remembered.

This is how the other Mullens enjoyed the leftovers

Paw Paw, aka Bobby let the boys take home the mega huge drumsticks.

After Quentin ate most of it, he declared that he didn't like it. Robert was dissapointed because there were only two, and he really likes the turkey leg. I guess we'll have to hit a festival somewhere in Texas, 'cuz someone always sells Turkey Legs.

This is just Joely being a cutie patootie, She kind of has the whole village people thing going on there. She wants to be a cow girl, yee haw

This is actually the two little princeseses on Thanksgiving Morning, they were making a parfait to take, because to quote Donkey, "Parfaits are the best dang thing on the planet"
Alice chose to eat a salad instead of leftovers. She told Robert the other day, "Dad the choice is always going to be a Salad"

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I do not like them Sam I am

Keeping up with my tradition of tooting my own horn and trying to create memories to last a lifetime, I made Green Eggs and Ham. I'm pleased to report that all my little people were happy to eat them, and they all declared, "I do so like them Sam I am"

Robert sneered and only ate the ham and biscuits. I'll be honest, green eggs, although they taste the same as yellow eggs, were a little unpleasant to my palate. Here are my minions enjoying it.
Alice is wearing the Traditional Indian Dress. Mrs. Randolph had a Thanksgiving Feast for her class and they made indian dresses and vests. This was two days later and she was still prancing about in it.

David being a good sport. He ended up eating it all, he had to, we were going on a hike later.

And Finally Quentin, he "couldn't beleive how good it was"

I forgot a picture of cute little Joely, but the eggs were very curious to her.

So after breakfast David and I met the Webelos at Sheldon Lakes Environmental Science Center, right here in Crosby. They were completing their Naturalist Activity Pin. It was a fun morning. The whole family was planning on coming but that was before the Tooth Fairy Incident of 2008.

At approximatly 4:30 AM Alice woke up because the Tooth Fairy had pulled out her tooth. That's the only explanation we can come up with, when she went to sleep her tooth was in her mouth and when she woke up it was gone. This created a great deal of stir and excitement and naturally little Joely woke up and joined in the celebration. First it was important to find where on earth the tooth fairy left the money. On Friday's Alice sleeps in the living room with her brothers and she couldn't find any money there. I was able to find her money stashed in her room. Crisis avoided. So needless to say at 9:00 am when we needed to go to the park, Joely was already back to sleep after snuggling with her dad. The other kids stayed home with Robert too and David and I enjoyed the relative peace and quiet with 12 other Webelo Scouts.

David Trying to locate animals in their habitats. We both had fun learning about Animals and insects indigenous to our area.

Clone Wars

Here are the clones, Quentin and Joely, Joely is wearing pink. This was taken Last Wednesday at Crapplebees. Quentin had won an "A is for Applebees" award for doing fabulous in Math (his grandma will be proud) and so he wanted to leave school early and go to lunch with Joely and I. Of course I said "No way Jose", and then he said, "Please" and then I said, (foolishly thinking the teacher would make the right choice) "Ask your teacher if she thinks its a good idea." So she said, "go ahead we arent' doing anything to day in class." So off we went. He and Jo enjoyed Chips and Salsa and Chicken and fries. We all had a great time and I'm glad I had the afternoon with my clones.

Holy Coupons Batman