Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Clone Wars

Here are the clones, Quentin and Joely, Joely is wearing pink. This was taken Last Wednesday at Crapplebees. Quentin had won an "A is for Applebees" award for doing fabulous in Math (his grandma will be proud) and so he wanted to leave school early and go to lunch with Joely and I. Of course I said "No way Jose", and then he said, "Please" and then I said, (foolishly thinking the teacher would make the right choice) "Ask your teacher if she thinks its a good idea." So she said, "go ahead we arent' doing anything to day in class." So off we went. He and Jo enjoyed Chips and Salsa and Chicken and fries. We all had a great time and I'm glad I had the afternoon with my clones.

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4Girls4Me said...

They're both so cute!! How funny that his teacher told him to to ahead and leave. :) I'm sure you guys had a great time!

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