Friday, November 21, 2008


I loved Twilight! I'm so glad I was able to go with my posse. We giggled all the way there and back. I feel they nailed the book, all the teen angst was there, the beautiful scenery of Washington,(I was freesing just watching the rain and the cold) the beautiful Vampires and my precious Jacob.
For those on the fence - The guy who plays Edward, can't think of his name, but I'll always think of him as Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter- He has grown up now and I really don't think he looks like Cedric (may he rest in peace) so it was easy to beleive he was indeed a vampire and not a wizard. Bella was awesome, the only complaint was they made her look to well put together, in the book she didn't care so much about her looks. And Jacob, his character isn't developed much in this book, he's more in the other three, well he was awesome and beautiful in a way totally different than the vamps. LOVED HIM!!! A lot of people were saying they couldn't buy Shark Boy as Jacob, but again he's all grown up. My friends and I discussed this and we also overheard EVERYONE in the theater saying it, Rosalie wasn't as beautiful as she was described in the book. My favorite vampire character is Alice and they didn't have a lot of time to develop the intense friendship she shares with Bella. I'm hoping they make all of the books into movies and Alice will get more screentime. Dr. Cullen, came across as kind of creepy looking, it looked like he was wearing a bunch of powder, like some old english dude from Queen Victoria's Court. Normally the actor that portrayed him is good looking in his own right (jennie garth's husband) but in the movie he wasn't so ooh la la.
I realize to anyone (whoever you are) who hasn't read the books, this makes no sense.

Oh and I made breakfast this morning and packed lunches. Breakfast was Eggo waffles, but that still counts as a hot breakfast- Go Kareena!


Jan said...

Yay! So glad you liked it -- the paper here didn't like it that well. But then, they never do. Seems to me that if the reviewer doesn't like it, it's a guarantee for us that we will.

And that does count as a hot breakfast!! Go mama!!

Kristy said...

I'm going tonight with some friends. you know I'm not a fan of the 1st book, so will see how it goes.

mom2boys said...

Kareena Lee - I was so excited to read your review. I read another once but it was obviously written by someone who hated the books! Heidi and I are going on Sunday : )

4Girls4Me said...

I'm so happy that you liked it!! Now I am more excited to go this weekend... I'll throw some popcorn at Corey for you. :)
AND you made breakfast & lunch for the kids?! You are Super Mom!

Aryn said...

I am going tomorrow... and am now looking forward to it :)

SweetmamaK said...

There were sooo many lines that made me burst out laughing. My favorite, "you are like my personal brand of heroine" Nothing as classic as "nobody puts baby in a corner" but still some good ones. It was a pleasure to get out with my homies and cut loose.

chulah said...

I am so glad it met your high standards. I was worried that some might be disappointed. Yeah!!!! I hope all the rest are just as wonderful. Miss you!

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