Sunday, June 20, 2010

All-Star Dad

The votes have been tallied and Robert has been honored with a place on the
Dad's All-Star Team.
He won by a landslide, and now he has the T-Shirt to prove it.

Quentin handcrafted this gift, an iron on of
"My old business partner Bob Marley"
That "quote" is from an episode of Foster's home for Imaginary Friends
Which was quite frankly, one of the best cartoons ever made.
Curse you Cartoon Network for taking it off the air.
We all love the music of Bob Marley- thanks to the indoctrination by dear old Dad.
My favorite is "Don't worry about a thing"

And he's not just awesome with our kids, this is Robert helping Mya put the animals back in the right spot. Mya has spent enough time with me to know that I normally ignore children's request for help with toys. She went immediately to Robert, who gladly stopped what he was doing to help her.
By the way, these awesome toys came courtesy of Robert's Great Uncle Gene- It's kind of hard to envision how awesome they are by this picture, but the animals and dinosaurs are amazing, they are heavy duty and they have this neat ledge that has places for every animal/dinosaur. Uncle Gene and his sister Grandma Dorothy find the most amazing toys.

This is at Michael's Making the All Star Dad shirt.
The Michael's lady wasn't real interested in children doing their own craft.
In fact she only let the kids do their hand print, but even that was done by her standards.

As you can see her perfectly manicured hands were pressing down on Alice's hands.

Joely allowed the lady to help her too, but reluctantly. What the lady did not know is that Joely can do ANYTHING by HERSELF.

This is her bored, because after we washed the paint off, we came back and the lady had done the rest of the painting, when I asked if the girls could at LEAST paint their names on, she agreed to allow Alice to do it, but "not the other one, because you have to be at least six"

This is Alice, although she normally likes to do her own art, she let the Michael's lady have her own way. She had met us there because she was staying with Emily.
I'm glad we got to do it, but I really think that Baytown Michael's should not put the anal retentive lady on Kids Craft Detail.
So now let me tell you about Mr. Wonderful.
He's such a great dad. Originally he wanted a new grill, but the forces of evil conspired against me when I went to purchase it. So he said, "well go on Saturday and find the perfect one"
Well on Saturday we "donated" $285.00 to the Crosby Youth Football League so Quentin could play football and Alice could be a cheerleader.
Robert decided the grill could wait until maybe Labor Day Sales.
I'm excited about football again.
Quentin (and I as a crazed football mom) had such a great time last season.
I know this year will be even more fun--
Who knows maybe I'll get political and try and get on the football board!
I digress-
Robert, this is about Robert.
He works hard and never complains about his commute or job.
(and I know the commute is HORRIBLE- for those of you in the know, we live on the east side of Houston and he works on the west side at 290 near Hollister)
He's always willing to stop and play with the kids.
He's very patient with me and keeps me calm.
He makes us laugh.
Each of the kids feels they are his favorite.
He spoils the girls rotten. (we pity their future husbands, but for now they have the confidence they'll need to make it through the tough times)
He will play Xbox with the boys and LOVES a basketball game too (real and outside)
He Agreed to be the Scout troop treasurer and even let me buy him a shirt.
He is my BFF!

Holy Coupons Batman