Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I do not like them Sam I am

Keeping up with my tradition of tooting my own horn and trying to create memories to last a lifetime, I made Green Eggs and Ham. I'm pleased to report that all my little people were happy to eat them, and they all declared, "I do so like them Sam I am"

Robert sneered and only ate the ham and biscuits. I'll be honest, green eggs, although they taste the same as yellow eggs, were a little unpleasant to my palate. Here are my minions enjoying it.
Alice is wearing the Traditional Indian Dress. Mrs. Randolph had a Thanksgiving Feast for her class and they made indian dresses and vests. This was two days later and she was still prancing about in it.

David being a good sport. He ended up eating it all, he had to, we were going on a hike later.

And Finally Quentin, he "couldn't beleive how good it was"

I forgot a picture of cute little Joely, but the eggs were very curious to her.

So after breakfast David and I met the Webelos at Sheldon Lakes Environmental Science Center, right here in Crosby. They were completing their Naturalist Activity Pin. It was a fun morning. The whole family was planning on coming but that was before the Tooth Fairy Incident of 2008.

At approximatly 4:30 AM Alice woke up because the Tooth Fairy had pulled out her tooth. That's the only explanation we can come up with, when she went to sleep her tooth was in her mouth and when she woke up it was gone. This created a great deal of stir and excitement and naturally little Joely woke up and joined in the celebration. First it was important to find where on earth the tooth fairy left the money. On Friday's Alice sleeps in the living room with her brothers and she couldn't find any money there. I was able to find her money stashed in her room. Crisis avoided. So needless to say at 9:00 am when we needed to go to the park, Joely was already back to sleep after snuggling with her dad. The other kids stayed home with Robert too and David and I enjoyed the relative peace and quiet with 12 other Webelo Scouts.

David Trying to locate animals in their habitats. We both had fun learning about Animals and insects indigenous to our area.


Yennigirl said...

They are going to remember that forever!! I'm impressed! And I love that you took Quentin with you to lunch. He'll remember that forever too. Good memories!

4Girls4Me said...

You are such a fun Mom! Congrats to Alice for the lost tooth. That's always exciting - even more so when the tooth fairy has to take it out herself! :)

Jan said...

Green eggs and ham sound a little iffy to me too, even if the only difference is the color. Love it that you did it and that the kids loved it.

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