Monday, August 04, 2008

Buenas Dias Eduardo

Crisis Mode at the Crosby Wal-mart
The only water left is Perrier. Did you all hear there is a Hurricane/Tropical Storm in the Gulf? Robert saw something last night when we were checking the Live Doppler Radar and it's supposed to hit land at about one am tomorrow. So we headed to Wal-mart for some supplies. The D batteries for two were marked 9.72, but before I could scream "price gouging" I checked one of those scanners and they were only 3.00 each. I bought 4 packages and then went to get the water. I really didn't hold out any hope that there would be water since Wal-mart in Crosby runs out of food every week, hurricane or not. So we went to Krogers and bought a couple of cases. We also have some coolers we'll fill with water and ice and fill up the bathtubs so we can still flush the toilets (a trick I learned in the Amazon rain forest) Hopefully it won't come to that. LAter this evening, I"m going to clear out the garage to make room for the cars, I don't want to lose our cars to flying debris! When we lived in Laredo a passing tornado blew out our car windows and it took about 8 weeks to get it fixed, of course that was on Laredo time and it was a different country!
Full Disclosure-I do realize it's lame to take a picture in Wal-mart-
My Predictions-It won't be that bad, we will have power the whole time and Robert will go to work.
If it is bad, Robert will STILL go to work.


Kristy said...

I remember the Laredo Tornado. What memories. Those were the days!!

4Girls4Me said...

You are so funny!! I am proud of you for getting out the camera at Walmart!! :) I hope Eduardo turns out not to be a big deal!! Keep us posted!

Yennigirl said...

I have absolutely NO qualms about taking pics in Wal-mart, or almost anywhere else for that matter! Lucky for us, Jon doesn't have to go to work today, so I am hoping the storm isn't too bad so we can "play" with Jon.

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