Monday, August 04, 2008

Satiisfying My bloodlust

You may or may not know that I've been irrationally "ascared" of vampires since the Lost Boys came out (was that like 20 years ago????) I have a hard time inviting people into my home, because, ya never know, they MAY be vampires, and vampires HAVE to be invited in order to come into your home. Kind of a neat metaphor-- Evil has to be invited in- but my deep thoughts must wait, because I will be busy for the next couple of days reading the final installment in the Twilight Vampire Series. I promise Robert, not to begin reading the Jacob part until AFTER my house is clean! (now to find a cleaning service to come in today , this morning actually.....) I've read the Nora Roberts Vampire trilogy (Morrigan's cross is the first book) and I know a little bit better how to battle them, but I prefer to stay inside during the evenings now and have garlic strategically placed, I don't beleive in the Holy Water though... I digress

Anyhoo- to sum up my last week, we went to the zoo (pictures to follow) and then took Allie and Austin to the airport before heading off to Austin, Texas to spend some time with Mom and Dad. The boys are still there until this weekend when Adrienne Yancey and her son Colby and their little baby Jolie come to visit. When they leave we'll just have one week before school starts. Oh and Alice "faced her fears" and can now swim under water and jump in. She has been very brave in mom and dad's pool all summer, but not so much anywhere else, and she's never been able to put her face in the water "MOM I DON"T HAVE GILLS" but this last visit she just jumped in and figured out she can use her "blowhole" to blow water out, but like any dolphin she has to resurface to breathe. She took Robert to the community pool on Saturday to show him she could do it and then last night she went to another pool for the annual cub scout pool party and was able to jump off a diving board and go down the slide- Again pictures to follow and also I know this isn't real interesting to anyone that's not related to us, but it is (to quote my friend Hiedie)- a "bloggable activity"


Kristy said...

I just knew "Breaking Dawn" had something to do with you not posting lately. I think that's why my other friends haven't posted either:) I have only read Twilight, and I wasn't a fan. I know~ I'm the only one in my ward, and family you didn't like it, and I refuse to read the others. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. I did buy the books for Natalie but she hasn't started them yet. Since they will be sitting on our bookshelf forever, I may get to the last three books read in the future:)(like when I need advice on vampires you visit me)

jenny said...

WHAT is up with that book? About 6 people whose blog I read have this as their recent post! At least yours was the most interesting! Also, we have swimming issues with Grace, who won't swim by herself, so I think that is blog worthy!

Nichole said...

I might try to read Twilight...I'm not a fan of Harry Potter, so I'm totally expecting to tell you that it's "not my bag."

4Girls4Me said...

I am reading Breaking Dawn now! I loved the first part & was bummed when I came to the Jacob part without finding out what the heck is going on with Bella!!
Way to go Alice!! That's a big step - totally a bloggable event! :)

AprilCling2u said...

Okay Kareena, you have to hurry and read it! I want to be put on your waiting list! You crack me up everytime I read your blog! Love it.

LittleBig said...

Your blog cracks me up!!
Karla Carr

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