Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Day at Baybrook Mall

The new look of Her Royal Highness, Alice Anne Mullens
Today we had lunch at Chuy's- for all of you Texas Ex-Pats, I know you are jealous- it was awesome- Thanks to Allie for the delicious idea and for treating us!
Then after lunch it was time to hit the Lego store at Baybrook Mall. I figured in order to keep the boring cries to a minimum, I'd take Alice to get her hair done while the boys perused. They had fun and were able to find some lego sets, without breaking the budget and Alice got the new Reverse bob, with a stack. She wants to look like her pal Sister Zambrano- and now she does- It's an adorable cut and she had a blast getting her hair done. When Allie asked her what her dad would say, she said, "Oh he'll love it because it's beautiful"
We need not worry about her self confidence when she starts Kindergarten next month- (WAH WAH WAH)


Adrienne said...

Alice your hair looks so cute! I can't wait to see it in person!

Yennigirl said...

I love the new 'do, especially because it's the same one I have almost! Maybe part of her sassiness will have gone the way of the long hair? Maybe? I am jealous of Surfside! We love that place, but we've only spent a day there. Did you stay at the same cabin?

geraldandmeganlove said...

She has a right to be proud of the new style. So cute!!!!

Kristy said...

I love the new haircut Alice. You look so pretty:)

4Girls4Me said...

Love the super-cute hair! :) She looks adorable!
I'll cry with you on the first day of school - Skye's off to 1st grade which means she'll be gone all day! :( Madi's going into 4th & Ryann's starting 7th in Jr. High. Aagh! It goes SO fast!

Scrapbookallie said...


You are beautiful Alice! Miss you already

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