Monday, August 25, 2008

And so it begins.....

Kindergarten starts today!!!!

Third and Fourth grade start today too, and the boys are not very excited. Apparently they are aware of what happens next. They LONG for the days of Kindergarten with snacks, dancing and coloring.... David begged me for five more minutes, so he's still asleep while Quentin takes his shower.
They will all get on Bus 10 in about an hour.
I will be in the fetal position-
Thankfully Joely and I will be eating lunch with Arcalee and Holli today to brighten the day!


4Girls4Me said...

You are so funny! This is what my kids look like in the morning too, but I swear I look WAY worse! :) I hope you survive the day! :)

April said...

I am still trying to find out what is up with the pictue of alice. It looks like her arms ar going in the wrong way! Or maybe it it last and I am tyring to figure this out while I am brain dead.!

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