Saturday, August 30, 2008

And this is MY CROSBY

Look Close in this sea of red..
You'll see a little non-conformist in pink- that would be Alice
In Texas, Football rules!!!
In the interest of full disclosure I want to preface this by saying, although we've lived in two small towns in texas, I've only been to two football games, one last year and one while pregnant with Joely. Before Robert (I like to refer to that time as BR) I went to a high school football game to watch my friend Darrah (who got married yesterday and I had to miss the reception in Dallas due to Joely bear having strep-) do her dance at a homecoming game. Her parents were in Europe and so I sat in as a youthful aunt. But I digress.

Last year we went to a game in Crosby, it was awesome, it was surreal, it was a flash forward into a world that I'm sure to join in a few years when the boys bulk up enough to be deemed worthy to wear the Cougar Helmet. A world where mom's wear their boys jersey to games, or bejewel "Cheerleader Mom" on their fancy shirts. The town is very into the sport. The team did real well, they went took district and headed to state playoffs. I may be wrong, and I'm sure it's on the website, but I think they lost in playoffs to Dayton High School, our neighbor to the north. That's the other football game we went to , Before Joely--We went to watch Little Kacie Petty and her flag team. Kacie is Robert's cousin and she's adorable. That game we sat on the Dayton side and cheered against Crosby, well not so much against Crosby as we cheered for Kacie, because the next weekend their band would be performing at the Macy's thanksgiving day parade.

So back to this week-

This year to kick off the season the Crosby High School hosted a community wide pep rally. All of the schools performed, there were free luke-warm hotdogs, cold water and plenty of Cheer. I went because Alice's school was performing the "cougar shuffle." The boys school also had something there, but they chose to stay home and relax. You are going to be hard pressed to find a pep rally of this magnitude outside of the deep south. It was fun and I'm pumped up, I mean I know this is their year to take state!

At this point Alice spotted the Camera and began her
cheese and ham fest!
We Say Totally, You say Awesome!
Totally Awesome!
Totally Awesome!And this one time, at Band Camp

The Drum Line!
Your Cougar Drill Team--In Casual Gear, not their
usual Cowboy hat and boots, like the Kilgore Rangerettes
The varsity Cheerleaders
The best t-shirt I've seen (and don't I wish I had a camera phone) said
"Athletes lift Weights
Cheerleaders Lift Athletes"

Oh and thanks to title nine, they did also cheer for the Volleyball team-- but by then I was so full from my hot dogs that we were headed home- thus there are no pictures from my camera, but here is one I snagged of their website.... hmm no pictures of the volleyball team, maybe someone should check on their title nine status!


4Girls4Me said...

That looks like fun! I thought of you when I drove by your house in Old Farm yesterday! You are just the same as you were back in the Day! You're such a cute & fun Mom - I wish we lived closer! I'll definitely come visit next time I'm in Houston to visit my brother!!

Brianne said...

Looks like a blast!!

And what is up with having nothing on the volleyball team?? I'm going to protest!!!

Paparazzimommy_Dayna said...

Yep-it's Miss Dayna!! lol I can't believe you hunted me, I mean saw me! hehehe ;-) We are great! Loving your photos of Crosby-that's my old stompin grounds! I learned to play clarinet there-and yep, the Cougs are some serious football people-that's where I got my love for it! It was my dream to be in their marching band AND their dance team. Then we moved...nuts! We are back in Houston, waiting for our house to sell and then we move to Richmond, down by Sugarland.

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