Monday, September 01, 2008

Meteorologists=Fearmongers- a rant of biblical proportions

Even if you don't live on the Gulf Coast you probably have heard of the storm of the century that was SUPPOSED to utterly destroy New Orleans. I'm sure you heard the Ray Nagin soundbite "to get your butts out of nawlins." By now you realize it was a lot of hype. Gustav touched down at a category 2, despite all the dire predictions of our "board certified meteorologists." I can't help but wonder what the 2 million people who left Louisianna are thinking right now. And what about the tens of thousands who took public transportaion out? When a real storm hits, who is going to really leave? Who is going to believe that something bad is going to happen. I was real angry this morning while watching the weather channel and seeing that instead of reporting on the relative calm of the area they were showing file footage, of what happened during Katrina. FEARMONGERS!!!!!
Also and what's the deal with the army corp of engineers who still havn't finished the Harvey Street Canal and Levee? It's been three years THREE YEARS!!! All the time that went into memorial services could have been used to complete the jobs that started three years ago.
I went ahead and bought plywood for our windows, I doubt we'll ever need to use it, but its a relief to know we have it if it comes to it. I also have enough water for my family for a week, regardless of any future storm predictions, I'm pretty sure our family will not evacuate.


Aryn said...

Yes, I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing... better safe than sorry, I suppose. But there did seem to be a lot of hype. Maybe too much?

It took me forever to comment because I didn't want to click away from your music! Love it!

4Girls4Me said...

So funny. My brother (from Houston) is here now and he was literally glued to the computer all day yesterday watching Gustav... I agree with you. Craziness!
Sorry I missed your call yesterday! I'll try to give you a call today! :)

LittleBig said...

After fighting the traffic for Rita, my family will probably never leave again!

I agree...I barely even listen when I hear there's a hurricane coming our way. As a matter of fact, I wanted to go to the beach the day it was supposed to hit! LOL!

Kristy said...

That is so crazy, and now it will get even more crazy with everyone making their way back to the city. Glad it's not me!!!! Just a reminder, cards are due next week:) Email me with any questions.

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