Monday, August 25, 2008

It wasn't too bad...

So thankfully the bus was a full fifteen minutes late, so by the time it got there I forgot I was supposed to be emotional, I was dripping in sweat and couldn't wait to get back home, plus it was on the other side of the street, so I had to use my old 4th grade crossing guard skills to get them across-- and David and Quentin left their lunch kits on the other side of the road-- so I had to go back and get the lunch kits, run them to the bus all the while about 20 cars were waiting- LOVELY!!!!! Alice is so excited, I can't even cry about it! Here are a few pictures of them waiting! I forgot to take the picture of Bus 10 driving away with her, I'll have to take it after school

When will the bus arrive???? Alice's hair is going flat! HORROR


Kristy said...

Oh, how fun. I can't believe Baby Alice is in Kindergarten. They all look so grown up:(

4Girls4Me said...

Happy Back to School Day! The kids are all so cute! Your boys totally cracked me up with those expressions on their faces!! Wow - Alice is such a big girl to be in Kindergarten! I hope they all have a great year and you enjoy the time with Joely!

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