Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spreading a little Christmas Cheer

So when it comes to Christmas I absolutly stink at taking a zillion pictures. In fact on Christmas Morning I didn't get any of the boys- just the girls??? On Christmas Eve we go to two Christmas Parties, one with Rob's Dad's side of the family and then later with his mom's side. There are presents and family galore, but by the time we make it to Grandma Dorothy's I forget the camera or lose it among the carnage that is Christmas. Here are some cute pics though- We had a great time and we've been too busy Rocking Out with Rock Band so I can't be expected to Blog or take pictures or cook warm food! After all I got five stars on Blondie's, "One way or another"

Here are the boys trying to get out the door with their haul. Note how crappy they are dressed. NO longer will they listen to me and dress cute or match. I have lost that small amount of control.

On the other hand, Here is Alice all decked out like a beautiful snow princess with here equally beautiful cousin Miss Madison Victoria. They are loving their new stuffed animals. Aunt Darlene gave Alice and Joely little Webkinz and Madison is loving the stuffed bear from her Aunt Sue (rob's mom)

And last but not least, here is David admist the fun, reading a book. Just like his dad and his grandpa's, his nose will always be in a book.
I also started working at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital doing Patient registration in the ER, it's pretty brainless, but its ez money and in the ER there is never a dull moment! Tomorrow we are going to the zoo and then have dinner with Uncle Bo and Aunt Tassie and the "new" Chuy's.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has plans for a fun New Year!


4Girls4Me said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a great Christmas! You made me laught out loud with the comment about the boys not wearing what you want anymore. I have the same problem at my house. It sucks! At least I still have the baby who I can dress anyway I want, and Skye is still pretty good to wear what I want her to for special occasions. We were late to Grandma Bess' Christmas Eve dinner because Ryann had to change twice. We refused to take her in her basketball shorts and cut-off sweats. Congrats on the 5 stars. I'm so impressed. I'm sucking pretty bad at the Guitar Hero. My 12 year old puts me to shame. Have fun!!

Steph said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Love catching up with you and what you are up to. Sounds great to work in the ER dept. There is never a dull moment there, that's for sure. Always something interesting or entertaining comes through the door. Sad things too I guess. I miss that line of work. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. Hope all is well...I will try and stop by again soon. Our computer is doing better, and my fingers are crossed.

Yennigirl said...

I LOVE that picture of David with the book - JUST like Collin! And at least your kids have clothes on! Mine have been in their pj's for about a week straight!

Kristy said...

I'm so glad you all had a Merry Christmas. The kids look so cute, and it looks like they made out like bandits on the gifts. Enjoy Guitar Hero;) I don't even try any more. It requires to much hand/eye coordination, and not enough musical talent;)
PS~ I can't wait to hear stories about your new job.

Aryn said...

I"m slowly catching up on blogs... so that is your in-law's house? I do like to see where you live out your days... and the ER? Ooh I can't wait for some poor Texan's pain to turn into a great blog post!

Heather said...

Once again, you amaze me with all you do. I hope it keeps working out with the job. I am so happy you have such good people to spend time with at the holidays. Friends and Family!

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