Friday, October 24, 2008

A couple of fun days

Add crocs to the list of things, I have no idea how our mother's survived without them, actually I wonder how on earth I had three kids before crocs were invented???

Yesterday I went with some friends to a new fun park in the NE Harris County Area. This park has a dirt bike "arena", Skate Park, Cool equipment, a spray park, ampitheater and two and 1/2 miles of hike/bike trails. Also it has clean bathrooms, which to me is amazing. And it's pretty close to my little corner of the world. I took my friend Megan's kiddos and the boy she babysits along with my friend Amanda and her daughter Anoi. It was fun to have every seat in the van full! We met Beautiful Briane and Groovey Gala and it was a great day. Gala took Quentin there with her kids last weekend and I am happy to say it is as cool as Quentin said it was, maybe even cooler! I am so glad that I've made some wonderful friends here in our small town. It sure makes the days fly with friends to play with and laugh with. Gala really is groovy and she keeps such a cheery attitude that even though I try and be grumpy, I just can't when I'm with her! Brianne isn't just beautiful, she's smart and funny too. I shouldn't always focus on Brianne's beauty, all my girlfriends are gorgeous, but she's got that one in a million beauty that kind of takes your breath away, you'll have to see her to understand, it's the whole package, she's super tall-ya know kind of Cindy Crawfordish--I digress-- Amanda and I met last year through cub scouts. Actually we were at a school funtion and she sat down by me and another cub scout mama and she was just so bubbly and adorable we invited her to come to the cub scout rally and now a year later, she's one of my favorites in Crosby. It's funny how as an adult it's not as easy to get A BFF, not like say Alice, her criteria is "anna is in my primary class and in Kindergarten too, she'll be my BFF" Remember those days, you liked someone's shoes and that was all it took to be friends? As an adult you kind of have to have a little bit more of a common ground. But Thanks to Church and Cub Scouts I've met some great women and men who have become my dear friends.
This is Amanda on the zip line- isn't she cool?

Amanda in her cool Paris Hilton Shades, adorned by Mya, Anoi, Keegan and Keegan-
This little thing, spins in circles, it's in the part of the park with the adult equipment.
Another cool Amanda vignette, she made cupcakes for the whole crowd- all total 10 children 4 adults- Have you ever enjoyed a cupcake as much as this little one seems to be doing?

Speaking of BFF's

My friend's Dana and Mellissa (cub scout mama's) go to the community center for aerobics on MWF, and today they convinced me I'd enjoy it too- So I got her royal highness up early, clearly she's not onboard to be going out, but she was a cute little trooper.

Here is some proof I was actually there. To be honest, it was fun, not too hard, but hard enough. A couple of times I wanted to wimp out, but then I'd see the little 80 year old lady kicking her legs higher or her crunches tighter and well I didn't want to be behind the octagenarian.
Hmm, what would freud say? I think in every picture I've posted I'm either wearing my "clown suit" (quoting Aryn Fitzwater) aka my scout uniform, or my scout t-shirt????

Mellissa and I are the Bear Den Leaders, (quentin's group) we have a lot of fun. She's very organized and always on time, I fly by the seat of my pants and am always 5 minutes late, So we complement each other, I'd say her more than me, but we get the job done and with minimal complaints from the scouts.

I met Dana at a Bear Meeting last year, her son Travis is/was in David's den. Dana and her husband Dale are VERY COOL, and very funny, plus they invite David over to spend the night at least once a month (THANK YOU FOREVER DALE AND DANA) It didn't take Dana too long to sign up to be on the Pack Commitee, her official title is "Advancement Coordinator" but she likes to call herself the personal shopper of Pack 264. On a cub scout level, I'm so glad she's involved, and on a personal level, I'm super glad to count the Anderson's as our friends. My friend Connie was the Bear leader last year and she was/is so cool that every boy pretty much brought a friend. We started out with 6 adorable boys and ended the year with 12. The boys LIVE to go to Miss Connie's house and even though they have a different den leader,and they are now webelos and last count we had 16 boys in 4th grade-- we still pretty much always meet at Connnie's place because she lives on like "a million acres" to quote David and there is plenty of room for a quick game of tag, ultimate frisbee or just plain goofing off. Dana's son Travis, Connie's son JT and Jon Lasseigne's (the cool "army guy" who taught the boys to ride a bike) son Ean ("it's the french spelling of Ian" says Ean) are over to spend the night tonight to celebrate the tenth anniversary of David's Advent. The night promises to be filled with tom foolery and video games.

Here's a peekEan, Travis and David- playing a Wii game, step away from the TV boys- Travis brought extra Wiimotes, so nobody would have to take turns, some of the games you can play up to 12 players- pretty sweet!

And here is a new set of Legos from Travis. Travis and David promise it will be put together by night's end (which they remind me will be at aproximatly six am) I hope so, I can just see myself tripping over these tomorrow.

This is cute JT -- He just wants to build right now.

I kind of (well not really) feel bad that I didn't invite all of David's friends, but three extra is a good manageable number. Even more manageable because Robert and the other three kids went to spend the night with his parents. Quentin was supposed to stay home with the party, but the siren call of Grandma Mullens was too hard to resist. He brought his wallet along, in case "grandma wants to go shopping."

I'm fixin' to crank up my I-Tunes and make some paper crafts.


Kristy said...

You make me laugh. I love reading your posts. I hope I'm still your BFF too. It's been so long since we "hung out":) don't forget, I will be coming in March for a week.
We will have to have some BFF moments.
Good job on working out. Keep it up. It gets easier!!
Happy Birthday to David!!!! I can't believe he is ten. WOW!!!!
Have a great night of crafting:)

Jan said...

Busy times and fun stuff. I wish you were a cub scout leader in my ward!

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