Monday, October 13, 2008

"thank you for my haircut"

That was how Alice began her prayer last night. Everyone tells her how beautiful she is with her short hair and it doesn't hurt to comb it, plus she can style it herself. It's so important to her that it makes it into her prayers. She ended last night's prayer with the following plea, "Please help me to stay in my bed all night so that these beautiful things will stay mine as long as I want them."
She was referring to her cute bedset, a couple of times last week she fussed a bit about going to bed and I reminded her that I would pack everything back up and take it to Miss Arcalee, she really wants to keep them, so she's been sleeping in her bed for an entire week!
Tonight I'll take a picture of her in her bed and post it.


Jan said...

She's a sweetie - -I love kids and their prayers. Mason's really get to me -- "Bless Grandma, bless Grandpa, bless Grandma, bless Grandpa etc. etc. etc. -- amen!"

Nothing but sweetness there!

Yennigirl said...

That is so funny. That's how I got Grace in panties - gave her Hello Kitty ones and said if they got wet they were gone and we never looked back!

4Girls4Me said...

So cute!! She IS a little princess! :) I'd love to meet her! :)

Adrienne said...


Misty said...

Aren't those the things you hope to remember FOREVER?!

KCsMomma said...

Such a little cutie!!!!

Jessica lent me the book and I'm half way into it.

Love the Movie Tavern idea for seeing Twilight. Keep me POSTED!

Holy Coupons Batman