Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Right and the Responsibility

So in addition to today being a big day in our family, it's Quentin's ninth birthday, it's a big day for America. We have the right and the freedom to vote, or not. This morning I took David and Joely with me to polls. I let David push the buttons. I hope that he and his siblings will understand this privilege we have to vote.
I always wax nostalgic on these days and I think of the women, yes I SAID WOMEN, who made it possible for me and one day Alice and Joely the right to vote. I am greatful to the Men who fought against England and gave all white men who own property the right to vote, but I admit I am more indebted to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony than I am to Paul Revere. I also admire and appreciate the hard work that President Johnson endured along with the Senate and House who passed the Civl Rights Acts, making it legal for all men and women to share the same rights and be able to vote without fear. Thanks Pioneers!

Here is a little more info on my favorite heroines!

This is Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She raised 7 children and still managed to fight not just for women's rights but for ending slavery. This was in the 1840's and 1850's. She drafted the declaration at Seneca Falls. She was amazing. She used the declaration of independence in her arguments and felt that being a woman or being a race other than white anglo saxon, was not an inferiority. She was most definatly a radical. I think of her EVERY time I vote. She also wrote speeches for this other more well known lady...

Susan B. Anthony... She is the younger one in the picture, the older lady is Mrs. Stanton. After the Civil War she began a magazine devoted to Suffrage. Their motto was
"The true republic-men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less." I love it. In one website it said even as a young girl she was independent and challenged her male teacher because he would only teach long division to boys.
And it's kind of odd to think that it's not even been 100 years of women voting. The nineteenth ammendment didn't ratity until 1920.


Jan said...

Great thoughts (as always) -- I love it that you took kids with you and showed them by your example what a privilege it is to vote.

KCsMomma said...

Wow! You totally blew me away with the History lesson. It wasn't my favorite subject in school....I leaned toward Home Ec.

I let Kasey cast my vote too! She told everyone. I think it's great to let them actually be involved in the process.

Nichole said...

I took a women in american history in college and I have voted ever since....EVERY election.

This makes me think of a quote I often see on bumper stickers

"well behaved women rarely make history."

It's so true...

I'm also excited that to be a part of this historical election. I envision that the next generation of children will be learning about Obama like they learn about Washington and Lincoln. Now, I just need to live to see a female elected as president...hopefully in my lifetime!

Hey, who's blog is this anyway???

SweetmamaK said...

Good point about Obama in the History books. He was being compared last night to another skinny president from Illinois...It looks like he can unite the country, I'm proud of how many people voted.

Aryn said...

Great post. Election day - especially this one - is like Christmas to me. It's thrilling to be a part of making history. Did you wear your boy scout uniform/clown suit to make it more memorable for the kids? :)

Aryn said...

p.s. my friend commented on your hilarious comment on my blog...

Holy Coupons Batman