Sunday, November 02, 2008

Flashback Friday err Sunday

If I did this right, you should be able to see Toonces the driving cat. Just click on the title. This was from when SNL was Saturday Night Live and it was consistantly funny. I am flashbacking to Toonces because we now have a stray that shows up for Tuna a couple of times a week. She/he looks just like Toonces from the Salad Days of my youth. When we lived on Thonig Road, we had a Toonces there too. I even trapped her and had her well him fixed. But when I tried to trap him to move to Laredo, he ran off, never to be seen again, until he/she reincarnated and came on our door step a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the second chance Toonces.

Halloween was fun, and I'll post tomorrow all the pix and comments-- but David purchased a new computer game and Robert needed to do some work-- so I havn't had a chance to add anything- but as a spoiler, here is the cutest litte Trick or treater we saw!



Aryn said...

Your baby looks so cute and short on his shoulders.

I couldn't see the video, but I got a good chuckle remembering Toonces...

Jan said...

Oh I totally remember and love Toonces!! Now I'm snickering to myself -- alone in my office. I'm officially nuts.

4Girls4Me said...

You are so funny! I forgot about Toonces. Just make sure you lock up the keys to the Dodge!

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