Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Fun for the boys

David was not happy with the first costume I had him wear last week to the church Halloween Party. I had been asking him for about a month, what do you want to be? What do you want to be? And he wouldn't answer. So at 4:00, when we needed to leave I gave him a cape and hat and told him he was a wizard. At that point he wanted to be an alien, which I could not just pull out of my butt in just ten minutes (even as some would point out, it's an awfully large butt) So he went unhappily as a sad Wizard who was embarrassed. My friend Gala was at the party and she took pity on the poor depressed Wizard. The next afternoon she brought him an alien costume over, all I had to do was add tinfoil. So he wore it to the School Open House on Thursday Night. He was real nervous to wear it because "what if nobody else wears costumes?" But there were a lot of kids wearing cosutmes, nonetheless, he came in Second Place in the school costume contest! Thanks Gala! He finally smiled AND he won a Pokemon Poster.

David the Depressed Wizard and David the award winning Alien.

As far as his depression goes, he never looks much more excited than the above pictures with the excpetion of when he's swimming or opening up a new game.

Last year Quentin was all about Tom Brady. Tom Brady was a football God. This year he suffered an injury and now his career his dead. So Quentin went to Halloween Festivities as a Dead Tom Brady. At the Church party, I did his make up real nice, but for the real day, I messed it up and he thought he looked ridiculous. So I dressed up even more retarded. (ok yes I know I'm not supposed to say that word anymore, but seriously nothing else describes what I wore better) I didn't want him to look the most ridiculous, so I put on the YELLOW Den leader shirt (and Aryn you thought the other one was a clown suit) and a Wolf Cub Hat and I looked VERY VERY VERY LAME- so Quentin felt better. I did not allow photographs taken of me in the costume, it's that horrific. The good News, Quentin won "funniest Costume" and was given a "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" do it yourself book, that he wanted from last week's book fair.

After his friends Halloween Party Quentin and two friend spent the night to celbrate the 9th anniversary of Quentin's Advent. IT was fun for all involved. They stayed up until five am. Then rolled out of bed around noon in time to scarf down some hot dogs and head over to Travis' birthday party. Quentin has been recovering quite nicely from his strep throat problems, until after all the partying. I think he pushed it a little too much and he had to convalesce on Sunday. Here's a picture of the boys all trashed out on Saturday Morning.

Quentin got an Ipod Shuffle from us for his birthday and next weekend he'll spend with Grandma Mullens. My parents are sending him the game he requested, officially his birthday will be tomorrow. We have a little somthing planned for him, but since he reads my blog I won't spill the beans. The school just called and he's sick again, I will post about the girls fun later!


Jan said...

Fun times! Glad he got his costume all figured out and was happy in the end -- Miss Maya was determined to be a karate girl, we bought the outfit and then she utterly refused to wear it. So she wore a skeleton outfit from her dress-up box -- and seemed happy with it. Kids.

Aryn said...

Hey - you rock the clown suit, in any color. My only sorrow is that you haven't provided us with a picture of it. I chuckle through your posts... they make me happy. :)

Aryn said...

oh yeah - cute kids - those boys look like they had way too nice a time.

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