Friday, November 14, 2008

Alice's deep thoughts

The picture to the right here, is of the "SNOW QUEEN" that Alice was for Halloween, it's the most recent picture of her. She's wearing a (PETA FORGIVE US) Real Mink Stole. Mom gave it to her, recently - or gave it to me, I'm not sure which, but Alice loves it. Right now she's too young to understand that Minks died for it, but when she does I'm sure she'll never wear it, she''s so in love with animals. But it was the PERFECT accesory to her Snow Queen Costume. And frankly, what six year old cares about being politically correct? Also who would have thought a mom would allow a real mink stole to be worn to the kindergarten? I mean what kind of mom does that? I'll tell you what kind, the kind of mom who wore her own mom's veil for a Halloween costume, and ruined it while trick or treating. I digress....
Her Halloween (yes actually Halloween) party was a costume day, but you had to dress as a character from a story. She loves to get all prettied up, so she decided to be the Snow Queen from Narnia. She's wearing gloves and a Tiara as well as ruby red slippers. Her interpretation was dead on and "All the teachers loved it."

Each of the schools in our district go all out for Veteran's Day. They ask kids to invite their family members and friends to programs, the ROTC does special flag ceremonies. It's real nice. One year the boys had Uncle Rex go with them. David and Quentin have always come away from the day by talking about the military, fighting for their country, the flag, all things patriotic. This year Alice was involved and this is what she said to David in the back seat of the van.
Alice: "I am sooo not going to be an army man."
David: "Why?"
Alice: " Duh, because the food is horrrrribbbbbbble and you have to wear those uniforms."
David: ( with I am assuming he was wearing the classic Mullens Man Sarcastic Smirk) " Well you get the opportunity to fight and possibly die for your country."
Alice: "no way!"

I just wonder what her Veterans Day Program talked about. I"m sure they talked about the sacrifices the veterans made and they had to have mentioned bad food. Usually the participants wear there uniforms, so that's probably where that came from. She's a funny funny girl, chock full of her own ideas and intentions. Another time out of the blue she informed me that when she grows up she's not taking a job- she'll be taking care of her kids. She says things with such a little Diva attitude, we can't help but laugh. I am so glad we have Alice in our family.


Kristy said...

I love that little DIVA. She is just so cute as a "Snow Queen". I'm sure the boys just roll their eyes at her like Nick does when Natalie says something.

Jan said...

I love her outlook. She's a keeper, that's for sure. She will keep your life fun and exciting -- gotta love that!

Yennigirl said...

I LOVE the stoal! And Grace said she is never getting married because she doesn't want to be pregnant!

Aryn said...

I love reading your posts about your kids, because you manage to give their perspective and yours. You capture both personalities. A great record, will be fun for them to read years from now.

Adrienne said...


4Girls4Me said...

Wow - what a picture!! She's a little beauty. :) I can't wait to meet her next time we're in Houston.

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