Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Meat on a Stick

What says I love you more than meat on a stick. I thought a lovely shishkabob dinner would be a fun way to eat and share our mutual adoration. I was right. Look how lovely they turned out! I used stew meat and chicken breasts. I marinated the chicken breasts in pineapple juice and the stew meat was a mixture of olive oil, garlic salt, kosher salt and of course tony chacheres.

Robert did the honor of grilling and we served them over a bed of dirty Cajun rice. Them Cajuns know how to love.
This was Friday Night, the 13th, kind of a prelude to our real celebration.

David is working on a research project about some of the great Texas Battles, in the great Revolutionary War. Not the one that started with a tea party in Boston, but before the war between the states. This was Texas' freedom from Mexico, specifically the Evil Santa Anna.

He could choose Gonzales, The Alamo (remember the Alamo), Goliad and San Jacinto. He didn't' care, so I chose for him and I chose Gonzales, where the revolution began with a flag saying, "come and get it" I thought it would be fun to go visit Gonzales and see the museum and the cannon etc. So Valentines Day we headed westbound on I-10, with the directions back home on the printer. I kind of remembered which exit to take, but I also figured it would be clearly marked, since it's such a big deal for Texas.

I was wrong, plus it was much farther away than I thought it was.

So for lunch we stopped just outside of Sealy at Mikeskas BBQ

Robert and I had been there before, back in the day ( we were still dating) . I couldn't even eat the food because of all the taxidermy hanging around, but since then I've had 4 children, I can eat anything, anywhere, so we stopped. You know a place is going to be good, if it has the menu on the outside!

Here is a sampling of the taxidermy, there were all kinds of animals. You get the feeling that you were eating a recently stuffed animal. It's creepy, but the food is excellent. We even met Mr. Mikeska, he talked to us and gave each of the kids a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin.
We ate brisket, sausage, chicken and sides of green beans and new potatoes. No french fries or Salad (poor Alice) but nobody complained. In fact I wondered out loud, "What are the poor people eating for lunch today?" IT was delicious.

Here is Alice our Vegan eating her Vegetarian BBQ Chicken-Yummo
Alice and Quentin enjoying Sausage and Brisket sandwiches

Robert sharing Green Beans with either me or Alice

The true worth of a BBQ joint is the all you can eat pickles. David loves pickles, he filled the Styrofoam up twice with pickles and managed to eat his whole sandwich and mot of Quentin's too.

Ya gotta love a place with stuffed polar bears handing out candy.

The only animal we did not see stuffed was the ever elusive jackalope, and believe me Robert combed the place looking for one. Jackalopes are real and they are indigenous to Texas.

Since there was candy, Joely would not look at the camera, she loves candy!!

Ok so we didn't make it to Gonzales, apparently it's closer to Seguin, so we turned around in Shulenburg and drove back home. When we were almost to Houston, David asked when we were going to stop in Gonzales. David is a mastermind at paying close attention to details, as long as they are in his handheld game.

We had fun anyway and we'll have to do the research the old fashioned way, on Wikapedia.


Kristy said...

Theres nothing like a good Texas BBQ, with road kill hangin on the wall;);)
Just kiddin, looks like you all had a fantastic time.
It also looks like Valentines was fun.

PS~ Greg's uncle is thinking of putting a Texas Old Town in the Houston area, and Austin Area. They have done fantastic with the one in Kyle.

Jan said...

Oh, we LOVE Texas BBQ! I'm also a pickle fan so I tend to overdo on those as well -- looks like a blast!

4Girls4Me said...

That sounds like a fun family Valentine's Day - even if you didn't end up where you planned on going. :) I seriously can't wait 'til the next time I'm in Houston so I can come hang out with the Mullens!! :) I wish I could go on the scrapbooking retreat with you - it sounds like fun!! :)

Heather said...

Why didn't we do that for one of our Joyschool field trips? It really does sound like fun but I also know that you guys are good at finding something fun no matter your situation. I have one word for you - Laredo!

Yennigirl said...

I love those kinds of adventures when you end up not doing what was planned but end up having a great time! We just went to Taste of Texas with our Homeschool Group. They do school tours and the owner is a HUGE Texas history buff so we got the whole story about Texas AND some chicken tenders to boot!

Aryn said...

I REALLY need to get to Texas for a visit!!

Adrienne said...

LOL!! I love me a good barbequed Jackelope!

Renae said...

What a fun adventure! I love your comment about the food must be good if the menu is on the outside. :)
You made me hungry for some bbq.
IT's good to see some jackelope too.

RaeAnn said...

I love your great Texas barbecue story!! We went to the Temple on Saturday and stopped at some great barbecue place on 1960. I don't remember the name but it was great. If you ever want to travel eastward we could show you and your family some of the Louisiana cuisine!!

Allie said...

Did you lift the picture of the shish ka bobs from a recipe book?


Steph said...

I want to come to your house for a shishkabob dinner! Yum!

Great post about your little trip adventure. I also like hearing about places people went when they were dating. I might be bugged a little about the taxidermy too. But I bet the Barbeee (BBQ) was awesome!

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