Thursday, May 21, 2009

"My Mind Can't Handle the Lonliness"

Said, Alice when I asked her why she was in my bed instead of her own bed.

I wanted to say,
"oh Please save the drama for your mama" but
I am the mama-
So I listened to the drama

And then I took her by the hand

Grabbed her new Shamu stuffed toy (from her weekend in San Antonio with Rob's parents)
and tucked her into bed.

Where She stayed until about midnight

and then she was on the couch.
We realize it's her world and
We are all just living in it.
Other than that here's what we've been up to

First off, Joely doesnt' beleive in clothes other than her panties now. She's a nature girl through and through.

This is Robert's "birthday" fire pit. Since it hadn't been put together, I claimed it as a mother's day gift, after Robert and the kids put together my real mothers day gift which was new and FABULOUS book shelves.
I'm realizing now I didn't take a picture of the finished product because I still need to paint another wall. This is Robert working it on Mother's Day Weekend, and yes it is a WHOLE WEEKEND- not just a day.

Ok so last week I was running late and figured, as long as the kids are there by 10:30 so they are not counted absent it's ok (the state mandated tests are over, books are turned in) since they are basically just "phoning it in" from now until June 5th at 11:40-
Anyhoo- David "forgot" they had a lame field trip to visit the new campus he'll attend in 5th grade. So when we got to school at 9:00 all of 4th grade was gone. I decided to take him to the 5th and 6th grade campus, but on the way over there he convinced me it would be better for everyone involved if he stayed home.He went with Joely and I to Walmart and he got his haircut and so did Joely. Joely loves spending time with "DADID or HEN" and on occasion"ASSEE" but she really has something special with her brothers. She was happy to have him stay home and kept inquiring about her "HEN" she makes them feel so good when they get home. She's a wonderful greeter. She stops everything to go running and squealing to the person entering the house. She's like a little yellow lab.

The top pictures of Alice in her recital costume were taken by Arcalee Gautier (Miss Arcalee) she can be hired for families and individuals, her sitting fee starts at 75.00 plus travel allowance. She gives you the CD of the edited images and you can develop your own keepsakes. If you want to get ahold of her, contact her via her retreat business at Texas Roundup Retreats.

You'll be glad you did.

Ok So Arcalee met Robert, the girls and I at the Houston Garden Center and took their pictures. Initially Joely wasn't very receptive, plus she was covered in a rash, she looked like she had measles, but Arcalee won her over and got a few good shots and then she edited out the gross disfugurations- and voila, we get this cutie patootie!

I'm guessing by now you're wondering (if in fact you are still reading) what happened to my poor dejected middle child. I don't know why I don't have many pix of him of late, But here is a shot from the roller skating party last Saturday. This Saturday his den (of which I am the leader) is having their final Den Activity as Bears and I'll make a post dedicated to my little Qbone or Hen as we call him now (thanks to his clone Joely)


Yennigirl said...

Those pictures are adorable. I need to get some taken. Thanks for the recommendation. By the way, I accidentally deleted your comment on my last post. SORRY! If you want to write it again, I promise not to delete it!

4Girls4Me said...

You are so fun! I want to be just like you when I grow up! That's fun that David got to take a day off school. :) Joely is so sweet. She sounds just like my baby. I know it will be such a rude awakening for her one day to discover that the world actually doesn't revolve around her. So I'm letting her enjoy it now. :) Alice is so funny! I can't wait to meet her & all your fun kiddos one day!

Jan said...

I LOVE the pics of your family! You are all so dang cute - -and I love reading your updates. Makes me feel like the old days again!

Aryn said...

What a great post... I'm in love with your kids. Smart and full of personality. Poor poor Alice... who CAN handle the loneliness?! I feel her pain! And that Joely... what a cutie. Well done on those kids, MamaK!

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