Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lo Hicimos

Lately my days are filled with the soothing repetitious songs for toddlers.
Go ahead join with me.
" I love you, you love me"
"they call him Kipper, Kipper the dog"
"Sunny Days chasing the Clouds away"
But the one I've been singing the most comes from our neighbor to the south
If you've had a child in the last 7 years, you know how to say We did it in Spanish,

Lo Hicimos!

I found myself singing that yesterday when Joely copied her friend Keegan
and did her own seat belt.
She's not even three yet! Big Girl

Of course it means that it now takes 15 minutes to get the car going instead of 1 minute, because she HAS to do it on her own. Any attempt to help will result in a open gash to your face, courtesy of her talon like finger nails-



Yes, finally a full 22 months after she was eligible for nursery she agreed to go.

Of course it took the gentle persuasion of a sucker from dear friend Megan Love but she stayed and the tears dried up.

I'd really never given it much of an effort, to be honest.

But I would never have thought about a sucker-

Megan maybe a generation younger, but she's a genius.

It really wasn't that big of a deal, she'd wander about the primary room (jr. Sunday school in mormon speak) or sit by the pedals of the piano and eat goldfish color etc. Often times she'd accompany her brothers to their class- ADORABLE- yes I know- I'm positive the teachers thought her adorable too!

Or even easier, she'd rest at home with her Daddy and have some much needed alone time with her BFF-

But now that I'm teaching the adult Sunday School class, she really can't be roaming the room, I have to concentrate way too much to have her being adorable and messing up my train of thought- cuz once that train leaves the station, I need to make sure I'm on it!
And staying hom with Dad, not really an option anymore because that would make her miss out on "going" anywhere.

So Yeah Megan for the brilliant bribe!

Thank you Joely for acquiescing to your fate of nursery if only for the next three months when it primary begins for you!

And last but certainly not least-

she began to say


and well that just broke my heart.

Hearing her call him "hen" was adorable, very toddleresque,

But Kintin- well that's too grown up.
She Started on Monday and if she forgets she'll say Hen, and then correct herself.

I'm not ready for her to be "all growed up."
And yes I thought all of you that said,
"Where does the time go?"
"they grow up so quick"
"cherish these times"
were a little whacked in the head- You were all right, they do grow up too quick and our time with them becomes more and more fleeting.
So here's to hugging your toddler and little bit tighter today and singing all the fun songs and those older kids, go take them out of school after the attendence is counted!


KCsMomma said...

When Kasey was in 2nd grade and in public school, I was notorious for taking her out after attendance. I usually did it on Friday's and also the last week of school. She was at the top of her class and always had her work done. Her teacher was using her as a secretary most days waiting on all the other kids to finish up. Anyways, we had some fun times and made some memories. Soooo important to make that bond when they are young so that when they are teens, you can reflect back on it. I love your blog. It's always so funny!!
Looking forward to seeing you at Bunco tomorrow night!!! :)

Adrienne said...

She's a doll. It is bittersweet when they have those milestones!

Allie said...

She is absolutely darling. . . .bribes always worked well for me!

4Girls4Me said...

Okay, that one actually brought tears to my eyes!! :) Having a fleeting toddler of my own, I can totally relate! Joely is adorable and one lucky girl to have a Momma like you!

Renae said...

I need a video of Joely doing something adorable so I can see her real self. I am missing out! I also think that's hilarious that she's been roaming the primary for 22 months. I have a stash of suckers as we speak, for any such bribe-needing thing. :)

Yennigirl said...

This was great. Bribes are there to be used when needed. It is sad when they're too big and have lost their baby fat to sit comfortably in your lap. It's a hard time but sometimes I wish I had a toddler to take 15 extra minutes to get out of the driveway!!

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