Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To Covet is a sin...

From left to right
Austin McCoy
David Mullens
Alice Mullens
Quentin Mullens
Joely Mullens
Note how uncomfortable David looks, as if his sisters hands are covered in acid and it's causing his flesh to burn off his body. Immediately after the picture was taken, Joely kissed Quentin and hit Alice.
LOVE - true Love
So anyway back to coveting.
I know it's not just wrong, it's a SIN
(insert evil devilish laughter)
I mean, it's listed in Exodus as one of the top ten sins.
But still I covet.
Yesterday I was coveting because of the football seats that Allie scored.
She has a friend/business colleague here in Texas and he got them Club suite seats for the game.
She called me from her suite and said they just listened to a band play. You could hear her so clearly, because the sounds of the "riff raff" was muted.
This was THE game of the season.
Local boy Vince Young returns to fight the Texans as the QB- the last time he played here was in his rookie year and he scored an awesome touchdown. (thank you ESPN for continuing to show it over and over and then again mentioning it OVER and OVER)
Again Texans front office, why didn't you draft Vince Young back in 2006?
Plus it was the Titans, and Houstonians are still hurting over the Oilers leaving and becoming "titans"
So this game was for the fans.
Sadly, the good guys lost.
Quentin and I were watching it from our recliners and not in the club suite like Allie and Austin,
but the loss was just as devastating.
Quentin even cried.
We both are hoping this is Kris Brown's LAST game.
To quote Quentin, "He's the worst Kicker in the history of the NFL"
Quentin NEVER Exaggerates.
I called Uncle Bo and he was mad, he couldn't believe Vince Young, "Quarter backs don't run like that, they need to take him down at the knees"
Well I guess there is always next year.
We'll get that bad boy, Vince Young...
and his Titans too....


Paparazzimommy_Dayna said...

oh it was just sad wasn't it?! and yes, we are still VERY bitter over "Butt" Adams taking the Oilers out of Houston and going to Tennessee! I am still wondering about the vince Young thing too, why didn't we get him? bad game...bad game!!!! at least they didn't wear their throwback uniforms. that would a have just been rude!

Arcalee said...

This was such a hard game to watch. I love the home team, but support Vince from Hookem' Horn days!

Scrapbookallie said...

Oh Kareena, I hate to have your soul in eternal jeopardy, it really wasn't that great (wink,wink) and having to walk only a few steps for refreshments, sitting in the easy chairs, uncrowded bathrooms, and such just took away from the ambience of the game. In spite of our seats, the bad boys still won!

Yennigirl said...

I hope you get your wish! AND, I LOVE Buckee bathrooms! They really are the best! Glad to know that someone else gets excited about clean bathrooms too!

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