Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Too Busy or not Too Busy? That is the question

Mom came for a visit last week to share in the Halloween activities. On the 29th Joely and I drove to Brenham, TX to pick her up. We live EXACTLY 200 miles, door to door, from mom and dad, and Brenham is exactly 100 miles away, so it's a great place to meet.
On the way back we had some extra time, so we stopped at Arne's Warehouse to get some party stuff for the halloween parties. Well as per usual it started to pore down rain and to get into the warehouse you have to park in a parking lot across the street. EVERY time I go there, there is a torrential downpour. That day was no exception. We got the goods and then got stuck on
I-10 due to rain and an accident and the fact that people in general can not drive correctly in the rain. That night Quentin's practice was canceled.
The Next Day Friday- we went to the Dead Scientist Program for David. Came home got some lunch, and then Mom (THANKFULLY) stayed home with Joely, and I picked up David and went to Alice's party. Afterwards I picked up Quentin a little early and left hime with Joely who was napping so Mom, David, Alice and I could go decorate for the party.
Robert, of course, ended up working late. He rarely works late but when we are in a time crunch some ding dong where he works schedules a 4:00 meeting.
SO, We left at 5:00 from decorating, went back home and got Quentin off to football practice. In the meantime, Robert came home, got Joely and met me at the field. I went back for Alice and mom and we went back to decorate until about 9:00
Then Saturday we had the playoff game from 1-3- then the party started at 5. I came home around midnight.
Church on Sunday- we need to leave by 10:30 to there in time- Alice started to freak out because something gross was happening in the bathroom. She was right, the sewage was backing up into the tub-
So We made it to church in time for Sunday School and Robert worked on the sewer line and fixed the blockage- he's so awesome.
On Monday... we needed to grocery shop and have lunch- nice time- then after a quick dinner Robert and I attended the Parent Teacher Conference for David.
Tuesday- We Chillaxed somewhat around the house, but after school the fun started again. Quentin needed to be at football at 6:00 the same time Alice needed to be at Girl Scouts.
Wednesday was Quentin's birthday, so he got a special breakfast. I then went and got the car alligned (again Greatful that grandma was here to keep Joely) then took quentin his lunch and cupcakes for the class. Dinner that night was Quentin's request- roasted chicken, green beans and mac n cheese) Also he wanted a special cake- the day was very busy busy busy
On Thursday I took mom back to meet dad in Brenham.
She said on the way home, you guys sure are busy so on the go. I thought at the time, "what is she talking about?" -- but as you can see, she's right, it was one crazy week.
I'm going to miss the football, but I'm glad that one thing is going to be eliminated after Saturday.


Hope Farms said...

I need a nap after reading that ...I am exhausted. I thought we were busy!

4Girls4Me said...

Oh my gosh - that's crazy. I think that's just life with 4 kids - my days feel exactly the same!! It is so nice to have Grandma around to help on occasion! :) I'm so glad you had fun with your mom, and glad you are able to find a few minutes to update your blog! :)

Scrapbookallie said...

And I thought I had it bad with one child. I should count my blessings! You are one amazing mama!

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