Monday, January 04, 2010

Wondering about David?

You can see his reflection here in the game he's been playing seemingly non stop since christmas.
David has just been simulating life.
He's a huge fan of Sims.
He had Sims 3, but wanted Sims 2 plus Sims 2 nightlife so he could become a vampire.
So he's been dedicated to making his Sim world perfect.
I'm happy to say he was able to become a Sim Vampire.

This is also David on a rare turning away from the computer.

"must not go outside, my eyes they burn"


Scrapbookallie said...

Yes I was wondering what David was up to. I've heard about the Sims game from children through the years but never tuned in as David has!

Hope Farms said...

He's so cool! Darion has a sims game for the ds and he loves it. Glad to see that my children aren't the only vampire wanna bes;)

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