Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bueller, Ferris Anyone, Anyone?

The boys and I stayed up late on Thursday Night watching a couple of classic

80's movies on Turner Classic movies.

We watched the end of Sixteen Candles and all of Ferris Bueller (until the very end part where Cameron goes a little nuts and the car goes flying out of the amazing glass garage in a forest in Chicago-- I thought that might get a bit intense plus the whole Charlie Sheen/Ferris' Sister thing I deemed inappropriate for nearly 11 and 12 year olds)

But I digress.

They loved Farmer Ted and his "clean close shaves."

I had to explain head gear. (orthodontists, anyone, anyone- do they still do head gear?)

I pointed out John Cusack, and told them how when I met their sweet Dad that I thought he looked like John Cusack.

They collectively rolled their eyes and said, "ya we remember"
(I guess they've heard all my stories)

They also recognized his voice, but couldn't place it. I'm guessing it's from IGOR, which I didn't' see, but found out he was the lead voice.

I enjoyed staying up late and sharing these flicks with them. I loved that They BOTH Cracked up during the parade scene, when the garage employees took off in the Ferrari. I loved that they thought Ferris was a genius to rig his room with the mannequin and the synthesiser. David acted like he was taking notes when Ferris was explaining how to fake a good sick day. During 16 candles they giggled during the wedding scene, they enjoyed long dong duck and realized that they played the silly "Chinese sounding" music whenever they said his name. I'll admit to being proud that all day yesterday Quentin kept repeating this scene when mr. Rooney is at the arcade and he asks the guy behind the counter about the Cubs gain
Mr. Rooney "what's the score"
Guy behind the counter"nothing- nothing"
Mr. Rooney "whose winning?"
Guy Behind the Counter "The Bulls"

But I was a bit nervous, because there were parts that I had overlooked that can get inappropriate, but I (hope) that it went over their heads and they were so busy laughing at the girl who thought she had to cut her hair off instead of just open the door, to realize she was beyond drunk.
In the movie she says something like, "Help me out I'm your prom queen"

To which David responded, "what has that got to do with anything?"

I laughed.

While watching and repeating these movies from memory I was transported back in time to my senior year--back to the Salad Days of my youth-- and I'm dating myself here, for those of you who I thought I was in my early 30's-

It was August 1997.

That's when my old friend Danielle made her triumphant reentry into Colorado Springs.

She returned tanned, rested and ready for senior year.

We had so much fun, their were sooo many "best" times that I can't really order them

but the most memorable was our love for these hilarious movies.

While getting ready for school, instead of listening to the radio, we both (at our separate houses)

had the movies in the VCR.

There was a time we could have acted out every scene, and she probably still can, and if we were together I know I could still do it.

She Had the secretary from Ferris Bueller, spot on, with her imitation.

Other movies we quoted

1. Breakfast Club (demented and sad but social)

2. Pretty in Pink (he's nursing some serious emotions)

3. Top Gun (I feel the need, the need for speed)

4. Some kind of wonderful, (your bleep is too precious for vinyl)

5.Grease (this is senior year and we are gonna rule the school)

6. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (just eating some pizza and learning about Cuba)

7. Princess Bride (my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die)
8. Dirty Dancing (Nobody puts Baby in the corner)

I'm sure I'm missing a slew of the movies we loved.

I miss my high school friends. I didn't end up near any of the people I loved back then. Although, I love connecting with them on facebook and through e-mail, but sometimes I get really JEALOUS that they and their families are having fun with other people and not knowing me or my family.

It's much easier now to keep in touch with the miracle of the Internet and cell phones.

When I moved away from Danielle, Tiffany and Jo (the three besties who I actually consistently kept in touch with) we had to correspond with letters and stamps and we had to pay outrageous phone bills to keep in touch--but we did and I'm so grateful for that. But a day doesn't go by that I don't miss them and wish we were, maybe not back at Doherty High School, but close enough to meet at the park or go catch a chick flick, scrapbook, or be in a book club together-- and have over for birthday parties, holidays, etc.

I am blessed with wonderful friends wherever I've lived, but you know those besties you have in your senior year, well words can't explain them.
For sure the actions of high school, don't define you, (thank heavens)
but your friends do help to define who you'll be and I'm glad I had the great ones I had and that they are still just a click or phone call away.


Super Kids Cooking said...

You are SO sweet and RIGHT about me and your other besties, we are the best! I actually remember (such a triumph in my old age) Danielle doing the impression of the secretary in Ferris Bueller, she was hilarious! We are starting to watch selective 80's movies with the kids now too. They don't appreciate the mood and the clothes of the time but I do and still laugh my butt off. I leave you with this, "Sexy American Girlfriend"!

Yennigirl said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I was JUST thinking "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" last night!! I asked Jon what he would do if Grace's boyfriend said that to him! And Princess Bride - have every line memorized and the practice kiss in Some Kind of Wonderful and . . . well, I can't remember all the other movies you quoted but good, good memories. Thanks for the flashback!

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