Friday, December 31, 2010

Joely is Four

Check out Miss Thang!!

I love this little Jackie O inspired outfit, the only thing missing is a little pillbox hat.
Check out the shoes, little tiny heals that she had to clomp around in and make noise. They fit her perfect and they look adorable.
She's wearing a cute little number that was originally worn by Harper Moulton, then passed on to Alice Mullens. I'll hold onto it for their girls and I hope hope hope that Harper marries David eventually, so the dress can stay in the family.
But I digress.

So the baby is four!!! Where did the time go? I dont' know but it's been a fun time watching her grow up. She's a blast, ever cheerful and loves to sing.
She loves to go to church and she loves her Grandparents.
She's always willing to snuggle and you can pretty much make her laugh out of any tantrum.
On the rare occasions that you can't, she'll send herself to her room and take a nap.
Here are a few pix of the princess on her special day.

Pictured with BFF's Keegan and Cori

Wearing some "fancy" clothes she got from Cori's Mom, Holly.

She wanted a pink cake, so she got one! Thanks Walmart.

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