Monday, December 06, 2010


This year for Thanksgiving we were asked to bring the above drinks
and the below dessert-

Please note this dessert looked a lot prettier, I should have taken picture BEFORE we started to serve it.
We also brought our family of 6.
I must say that when you bring 6 people you really should be required to bring more than drinks and a dessert.
And really the drinks were only for us, since everyone else drank tea.
But I digress, my point is, the inlaws know me and love me and just really appreciate that I bring their son and grandchildren along that they don't require much out of me and I'm thankful for that...but even more thankful for the leftovers.
We scored it all, see below.

The rest of the turkey, ham, a near whole apple pie, potato salad, green beans and new potatoes,

All of the cornbread and chicken stuffing, rolls, baked potatoe casserole. It was a smorgas board. I didn't cook for a week.
It was a nice time, We played UNO Attack with Aunt Lisa. Dorothy was sick and didn't make it out of her bed, which was really really sad. Uncle Bo and Aunt Tessie were in Mexico and Uncle Rex and Aunt June were with friends, Kacie and Kelly were with their parents, Baby Brother Matt was with his wife and kids in Victoria-
So it was very quiet with Lisa and PJ, Robert's parents and Grandpa Walter, but still a nice relaxing afternoon. I am thankful that we live close to them and can spend the time together.
I'm also thankful that dad is feeling better and is back to his old self. He gave us quite a scare earlier in November when he passed out on mom one night and didn't wake up for about 16 hours and found himself in the Round Rock Hospital. All of his tests came back normal so they think he might have taken a medication error. So far so good. ON a positive note, I got to go visit them just with Joely. She LOVED the undivided attention and the quality time with the little Smokie, mom and dad's new pup. Robert and the other kids managed in our absence. I'm thankful that his job is flexible enough to allow him a late and early couple of days to take care of our little people. I am also thankful for the discount theater in Round Rock (why don't we have one in Houston????) we went with mom and dad and saw Despicable Me. It was a fun time.
ON thanksgiving Day, David ran in the Houston Turkey Trot and did well. I didn't see him cross the finish line, it was so packed with thousands of runners. In fact I got scared and a little panicked when the people who only walked the race were coming in and no David. Naturally I assumed the worst and that he was abducted and not by aliens. Eventually he said a prayer to find me and he did right away, but it was a scary 30 minutes. I'm thankful he knew where to turn when he was lost. Next time Megan has to run with him, this mom's heart can't handle it.
We are looking forward to next Monday when our princess turns 4! It will be a wonderful evening indeed. She is definatly a blessing we are thankful for.

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I validate you! sounds like a great TG. And I agree, you scored on the leftovers.:)

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