Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Village Creek State Park

We finally went camping again as a family!
We've done the divide and conquer many times, either me or Robert with the Scouts
or all of us camping except Joely stays with Grandma
Or Me with the Girls Scouts-
Or on two ocassions with the cub scouts, the boys got sick and since I was already signed up as a leader, I took the girls with me!
But it's been well all of Joely's life time since we all camped together.
It was a blast!
We took 5 boy scouts with us (two were David and Quentin)
and they did all the cooking!
The boys stumbled upon a geocache and it was so exciting! They can't wait to find more.
The best part of Boy Scouts is they let you bring the "me toos"
And those two were delightful

The highlights were of course the leisure hike (1.13 miles) to the swimming hole and back. The Creek was low so it wasn't scary or dangerous. Just refreshing!
On Saturday Evening Dad and the girls went on an "Ice Run" that ended at Sonic for them.
The scouts and I ate spaghetti cooked by travis (david's brother from another mother)
and Chicken and Rice, cooked by David.
Ok So I didn't get any pictures of the whole family, and you have to look close to see Quentin, he's in the greenish shirt.
It was a lot of fun.
We plan to go to Livingston this summer and also camp in Galveston State Park.
I prefer the state parks because their bathrooms have flush toilets. I can handle a lot of things if the toilets flush!
They also have showers.
Quentin was the only scout who showered, he now has a testimony of showering at camp LOL.
Our next trip is less primitive, we are staying at Surfside Beach for a week in a rental house.
The Park is located in the National Thicket, so it was wooded and relativly cool.
As Robert kept saying, "It could be a whole lot worse" LOL
We spend an evening reminiscing about camping trips as kids.
I took for granted that camping was a normal part of family life.
I had no idea the preparation and work that went into it.
A big thanks to mom and dad.
Also I remember always being cold, we were in the Pacific Northwest and everything is frigid.
Even though we were cold it was always fun.
I remember one week where we stayed and it rained most of the time, but dad read to us from his novel, "jaws" LOL
We would camp for a week, how on earth mom and dad got provisions for our family in the car I'll never know.
Miracle Workers!
I will gladly take the bugs and the heat of Texas and enjoy swimming in warm refreshing water.


sulliPod said...

that looks like super fun !!

Rebecca and Co. said...

Sounds like a blast! We went camping last year but it is harrrrrd work getting everything ready . . . I love everything about camping besides sleeping in a tent! I never went camping a kid so your kids are lucky to have you take them...good wholesome fun out in nature is what every family needs now and then. :) Validate, validate, validate! LOL I love you, Kareena!

Golfersfamily said...

When will you guys be at Surfside? Email me;)

Arcalee said...

I wish I had the courage to camp. I hate snakes, all I can think of is one crawling in my tent with me.

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