Thursday, October 20, 2011

In the Mullens House, Fall =Football
This year Davo jumped on the bandwagon and joined foolsball.
He plays on the little league as a Sr. Cougar with Quentin and Joely cheers.
David also plays for Middle School.
Apparently league coaches are much nicer LOL
David, Like Marcia Brady, has joined another Athletic team..
Cross Country-
No big surprise because that's "his thing" but it does mean that on
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday he runs before school, then has athletics (football practice) first period, and then about two hours of practice after school. He tries to make two practices a week for the league.
His league Coach is real nice and subs him in, so he gets plenty of playing time.
He understands he can't start since he isn't able to make all the practices and due to his race schedule he can't make all the games.
Everyone of his coaches describe him as "all heart"

So here is Joely cheering in 111 degree weather, yes that is surface of the sun hot. 
Her favorite cheer goes like this-
"The Thunder can't rock the house!
The Lightening can't rock the house!
But you can rock the house,
But you can rock the house!"
She has declared, after three games, that
"Being a Cheerio is Boring"
She's right, it is.

And here is my defensive tackle! He's been stuck on the O-Line and he hates not being able to throw people down.  However by the third quarter the coach has let him back on the D-line and he gets some aggression out.  And he has a lot of it, because they have not yet won a game.  Quentin, like me, is learning how to lose with style. His last team did lose some games, but they were always really close, like by one point in triple overtime, so it never stung quite so bad.
It's a building year.
They have new coaches and its' been a very positive experience for the boys. 

Alice and I spent a September  weekend in Conroe at a Girl Scout camp with five other girls and my co-leader Jenny. It was a lot of fun for us and we came back tired and very happy to see our beds.
We stayed in the treehouse cabins and it was a lot of fun.
The troop near us didn't appreciate that the girls had to go to the bathroom all night long and then there was a crazed racoon on the prowl, it was a night to be awake, but we had fun.
I don't remember sleeping much at camp when I was a girl.

We have a few more Saturdays of football and then  I'll miss it until next year.
To keep us occupied we are on a fantasy league.
David opted out once he found out there wouldn't be wizards and dwarvs, he's content with reality football.

This is Quentin on draft night, he's wearing his lucky hat! It's lucky because the great and powerful Mason Boys signed it. It's blessed. I beleive Q is tied for first, I may be wrong, but I know I'm dead last. Even with my mad drafting skills, I'm plagued. Robert says the NFL Players Union will request that I no longer draft players as they inevitably get injured, some season ending, some career ending. Not even selling my soul and drafting Michael Vick has given me a winning season.

Last but not Least, our sweet Alice

She's busy working on some dish towels, she started the joy of needlework this year! I love passing down this tradition. She's in third grade, taking jazz and rocking it at Girl Scouts. 
 This is her at the high school football game. She was in a dance and cheer clinic so it was a magical night. During the first quarter she cheered and between the third and 4th quarter she learned a drill team dance. This is by far my favorite fund raiser the school does.  For 20.00 you can cheer and 30.00 you can dance.  All the money goes to the cheer and dance squad and the little girls love it.

Seminary is back in full swing and I am enjoying the early morning Old Testament Lessons.  I love the boys in my class, they are amazing and such great examples. I keep forgetting to take new pictures of them, but I will.   I'm continually humbled to be their teacher. I've enjoyed discussing various principles and stories from the Old testament with Robert. There is so much to learn about the Blessings that come from Keeping our Covenants. I'm grateful for the wonderful women of the Old Testament and their faith and courage. 


Kristy said...

Hooray....I love it when you have a new post! You guys have been very busy....everyone looks so happy and growing up so fast. I love cheerleader Joely, a girl after my own heart!

Rebecca and Co. said...

Loved catching up with your family! I wish I lived closer to you but then again, would I ever see you with your busy schedule!? Haha. Love ya, girl!

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