Friday, May 24, 2013

Homerun Season

 So here is our little Wildcat!  This is Joely's third and final season in Tball.  This year she was drafted with the Wildcats and has done so well.  Her first season was last spring, as a Diamond Diva.  Last year she learned the game, but was very timid.  This season, after playing on a co-ed Tball  fall team, she became
 She covered third base every game like she was born to play

She had tons of fans come watch her .  This is Katie Crocker, her personal coach for the off season.
In fact, Katie is so awesome, she was able to get Joely in the Press Box at her High School Game.  She had the best view, right behind home plate, with a birds eye view to Third base where Katie plays

Even The brothers helped out in the dug out.  Of course my camera was only with me a little bit, so the only evidence is David.

And Hey Now, She's an All Star

It was fun, and the fun continues with the all Star tournament in Louisianna's Hidden Gem of
Lake Charles.
I'll keep you posted.

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Rebecca and Co. said...

Look at your girl! She's an all-star, like you said. I'm glad she is loving playing and that she has her fans to cheer her on. She looks like a natural out there.

Thank you for your comments on my blog, girl. You always validate me and remind me that people do read it, that I'm not just writing into the void of space. :)

You are an awesome person and I wish we lived closer.

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