Friday, July 18, 2008

Kid Rock, Rocks

I added a new song of Kid Rocks to my music playlist. One of my friends was suprised that I like Kid Rock because he's sooo nutso. Well I have always liked him because his music is different and fun. I do however only listen to his edited songs- because well he can be inappropriate. So this new song, which is playing right now on your computer, is called All Summer Long. I just love that it starts out like Werewolves of London and goes into Sweet Home Alabama- It's fun and even though Robert just showed me the song on You Tube on Tuesday, I'm singing it now, "all summer long."
So my playlist shows my eclectic music taste. I like most genres, but frankly I'm not a fan of any of the "grunge" music or anything that derives from it. Like I never liked Nirvana, so consequently I'm not a fan of The Foo Fighters, which of course bugs Robert and Quentin who LOVE the FOO, I've tried to enjoy them, but I don't like it. It's hard for me to say what I like the best, but I lean towards Lyle Lovett when I am thinking about my life with Robert, from songs like "She's no Lady, She's my wife" and "You're not from Texas", he defines us- LOL- One time Robert took me to his concert, we were still crazy in love dating kids and this one song, "Who loves you better than I" made me burst out in tears- it was in the Backyard in Austin. A Real Romantic cool Austin hip joint. I just found out its in its final season and will be closing it's doors forever- That Makes me sad because Robert and I spent a lot of our dating time there and heard Jerry Jeff Walker, Lyle Lovett, Robert Earle Keen jr. and The Great one Willie Nelson. And now it will be gone forever- Bummer man- I always wanted to take the kids there and tell them, this is where I knew I'd marry your dad and be happy for the rest of my life.
I hate Austin now all the cool places are gone, another cool wonderful place was SouthPark Meadows. It was this great open field, perfect for fun concerts. Sadly to quote my friend Carla, "They paved Paradise and put in a parking lot" or worse it's now a mega shopping center with every shop you can find and a Chick-fil-a. Robert and I had one of our worst dates there, it was the HORDE fest (horizons of rock developing everywhere--Dave Mathews, Blues Traveler, someone else and Lenny K.) he sent me to get drinks and we got seperated and I was sooo mad at him, but at least I had the money, it was crowded and finally after an hour or longer we found each other and to this day we don't know whose fault it really was. But the good news that was the first time to hear the great "let love rule" of Lenny Kravitz. After listening to the master we got over our anger at each other and we did in fact Let love rule- to this day--- In fact that was about 12 years ago, I think, I'm pretty sure it was in July, it was hot.
At least in Austin you can still eat at Hula Hut and you can still swim naked at Hippie Hollow, by some hemp art at the pecan street festival and enjoy an outing with your dog and celebrate the end of spring finals at Eeyores Birthday Party ---But if you want to get around you have to pay the tolls inflicted upon the state by the anti-Christ Governor, Rick Perry and the crazy traffic courtesy of the californication of Austin-


Galadriel said...

I must have been talking to you on the phone when you were posting this. I love it! We were talking about music that defined the 80's. You know the stuff that if you don't know the words you must have lived in a closet. You found the Scorpions one we couldn't think of. How sweeeet! Although I have to side with Robert and Q-Bone on the grunge music. Give me some Nirvana, Pearl Jam, you name it and I rocked it - can't even imagine it can you?... Well, I guess the molly mormon persona took over a little. I'll have to let my inner rocker out a little more often. Love ya

Galad said...

I love the new kid rock song, How couldn't I with its tribute to the greatest song on earth. Sweet Home. But your memoir of Austin makes me sad. But yes, again I know why we are friends. That is the Austin I love!!!!!!!!! I wasn't born in Texas but either where you but we got here as soon as we could. As for Perry to quote the masters, We did what we could do"!!

4Girls4Me said...

I love the Kid Rock song! I heard it on the radio and loved it, but didn't know who it was. :)

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