Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Quentin and his Masterpiece

So last night Quentin roasted a chicken and baked some Mac N Cheese, He also made some biscuit rolls and a dessert called "almost oreos"-- All courtesy of Kelsey's Kitchen Recipes (link in previous post)
All the food was great, the Mac N Cheese didn't sound good, but since he really wanted to try it I thought, what the heck- it was yummy- Alice declared, "This is the best food ever"
David said (of the chicken) "Very Good Quentin"- he also liked the green beans and the biscuits, the green beans weren't from a recipe. I started Quentin on a little cookbook, we printed out the recipes and he's keeping them in a notebook- to use when he's on his food show!

Here are som pictures of the event

Cleaning the bird

David likes the biscuits- These tasted a lot like Red Lobster Biscuits, next time we are going to add some sharp cheese and some garlic

Sammi didn't get any love---

And finally the Almost Oreo


Yancey Family said...

Delish! Good job Quintonious. I want to eat your food too!

Kareena you're such a great mom--fostering the creativity of your young son. There are Definitely mother of the year worthy activities going on at your house. I'm gonna vote for you.

geraldandmeganlove said...

Can Quinton come over to my house sometime and cook dinner for me. I don't even go that elaborate when I cook. LOOKS REALLY YUMMY!!!

Steph said...

What an awesome mom you are!! Your boy knows how to cook and all that jive! Most boys grow up and only know how to heat a hot pocket in the microwave or the good ole Top Ramen Noodles. I am impressed! That just shows what a wonderful mom/person you are. Way to go Quentin!!

4Girls4Me said...

That's so fun - can you send him over to our house too? :) What a cutie!

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