Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another name for her could be Cybil

Here she is crying.

I asked her and Quentin to pick up the manure.

And yes it's manure, with a dog the size of Sammi Jo (bless her thyroid challenged heart)

it's not merely dog poo, but manure.

You'd think she was crying because she had to clean up after Sammi.

But no, she was crying, no not just crying, SCREAMING and CRYING because

Quentin picked it all up quicker than she could get her shoes on and get outside.
He didn't leave her any poop to clean up.
Mean big brother

Nothing like a good case of sibling rivalry to get the dirty jobs done lickety split.


4Girls4Me said...

That is hilarious!! I am still laughing out loud. My girls move in slow motion for that very reason - maybe if they take long enough, it will already be done by the time they get there... :) I can't wait to meet Alice one day! :)

4Girls4Me said...

Plus, it totally cracks me up that your response to this would be to grab the camera. :) That's my kind of mom.

Arcalee Gautier said...

Poor Alice!
Tell her I have lot's of doggie poop in my backyard she can pick up and I will even pay her for it.

Jan said...

I'm just laughing out loud at this one. Kids. They certainly make your life interesting, don't they?

"I didn't get to pick up any dog poop! Wahhh!!" Love it.

Allie said...

Send her to Utah. There is always dog poop in my backyard that Austin "doesn't" run to pick up.

Love ya

Kristy said...

LOL, what a crazy girl. I think her and Natalie were sister's in another life;)
You asked me awhile back about my Texas trip. No details yet. I will let you know. It is usually the week of the Houstan Rodeo.

Adrienne said...

Wow Alice! That made my day. I wish you were here to dust my house. That's a dirty job around here at the moment!

Brianne said...

I'm laughing out loud!! I can totally picture the moment and I would have probably done the same thing...grab my camera!! Sweet blog material. Love it!!!

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