Friday, January 16, 2009

So the Good News is....

I finally bought a steam cleaner. The bad news was it was because I was ankle deep in vomit. Joely is still sick and the boys had a relapse yesterday. I kept them home today and it was only to my torment. I sent them to school yesterday only to have the nurse call me to pick them up at different times. They could have been at school today. I requested their WEEK'S WORTH of work. One teacher gave ONE WORKSHEET- David's math teacher gave him plenty of work, but his english/reading teacher sent nothing. Quentin's math teacher sent nothing. I gave them a full day in advance to get me the work.
I'm tired and bitter- lol

But I do love my steam cleaner. I'm certain Gala is happy that I won't be borrowing hers to clean up animal and human bodily fluids anymore. Bless her!!!

We had to cancel our trip to mom and dad's this weekend due to airborne illnesses, but we look forward to them coming to Alice's birthday party in a couple of weeks- She turned 6 last month, but who would want to come to a party on the 27th of December? Seriously- so we just postponed it until the end of this month. My friend Jo in Superior, CO (she just loves being Superior) has a business called Super Kids Cooking Classes, where she and her partner (business partner not life partner) teach cooking classes for all ages at YMCA's and community centers in the Superior (I think that's near Boulder or Denver or somethign like that) area. They also do birthday parties, so she told me how to pull this off and we are having a "Little Chef" themed party for Alice. We'll make pizzas, slushies and they'll decorate their own hats and aprons to take home with them along with some fun recipes to start their own cookbooks with.
I'm actually looking forward to this party. We are using the Crosby Community Center for it because they have a big kitchen and it's free! I'll be making the invites this weekend. I bought a cute tray yesterday at Target to hold the cupcakes. I am going to try and be all Adrienne Yanceyish and make fancy pants cupcakes.


Jan said...

I always leave your blog with a smile -- just like I always used to leave your presence with a smile. Your attitude about all the vomit is amazing -- much better than mine used to be. Do you remember when we went to Elitch's in Denver and my Chris threw up on the way there? Fun times.

You're wonderful.

Kristy said...

LOL!! I too always leave your blog with a big smile. Hope the kids are better soon.
Your job sounds entertaining;)
Hope you have a great weekend.

Renae said...

THat is hilarious! What an interesting job, maybe stressful, but mostly good people watching. How could you not have cured that poor man in 5 minutes? Crazy. good blogging times.

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