Friday, April 17, 2009

How does your Garden Grow?

Today Miss Joely the monkey helped me in the Garden. She was quick to grab a shovel and really wanted to dig up the tomato plants. I had to tell her no. She rolled her eyes dropped her shoulders and sighed "MOMMY!!!" she got over it and began climbing on her swing set.

These pictures go out to my friends of the Northland who are getting dumped on by snow and cold. We planted our tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers about a month or so ago- look how great they look!

And this is my first attempt at straweberries- look we already have one turning red. Alice and I are soooo excited about it!

Alice is soo excited that I used the three R's- Reduce Reuse and Recycle to make my strawberry pots. I had received FREE (can you beleive it) these used tires. I got them two years ago for a scout activity that never came to fruition. They've been a harvesting ground for mosquitos and now they are pots for my strawberries and cilantro. I have one left and we'll plant some Flowers in them. I think Robert may be dissapointed to not have them to complain about anymore.

Yesterday I fruitlessly drove out to Liberty, TX (the first city on the Trinity, established in 1831) to take Joely's picture in the bluebonnets. Some nurses at work said there were bluebonnets everywhere- Joe and I never found them, so we came BACK to Crosby and took pictures at our duck pond- look how adorable she is!!! She's wearing an amazing dress that's an actual heirloom, I hesitate to say hand me down -- First Harper Moulton wore it, our dear friend in Laredo. She was 4 1/2- then when Alice was 2 1/2, Harper gave it to her. And now Joely wears it. Miracle of all Miracles, I even have the original shoes. The original easter bonnet didn't make all the moves, but I treasure this dress. When Harper has a little girl, I'll send it on to her and since I know she's responsible like her mom, she'll send it back to my girls for their girls to wear. When I see the girls in this dress I am reminded of what great blessings we received as a result of our friendships with the Moultons. I'll always cherish Trevor and the kids, but it's thinking of Heather that makes me cry! I miss her so much, we had so much fun laughing and goofing off and of course myriad spiritual experiences in Laredo. Now they live the good life in San Diego, California. I just keep hoping the international business will bring them back to Zion and specifically the greater Houston Area.

For now I just have the dress and the memories
So here is our little cute patootie


Jan said...

We have had some red strawberries here already -- and my tomato plants are thriving. Amazing to me. (I guess that's because we came here from Las Vegas - -totally the desert!).

Renae said...

I am duly impressed by all your gardening skills and very, green thumb. I love seeing your mischieveous smile in your kids too. :)

4Girls4Me said...

I am so impressed with the gardening skills! :) You'll have to give me some tips. We are planning out our first garden, but of course, we do have to wait for it to stop snowing... :)
Joely is absolutely adorable!! What cute pictures!! Check out my sister-in-law's blog - she just took my niece and nephew somewhere close to Tomball to do pictures in the bluebonnets... Maybe she can tell you where they are. :)
I love, love the new header pic - your kids are so cute!!

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