Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Takin' a Break, Easter Style


Robert wanted a smoker for his birthday, but he got an outdoor fireplace instead. Quentin picked it out. So THANKFULLY Robert's grandma and my parents gave him money so he could get what he really wanted and this passed week I finally went to Lowe's and picked it up. He spent Saturday and Sunday smoking various meats. It was a great weekend foodwise and Robert was awesome learning the tricks of his new trade.

Keeping up with the Mullens family tradition of sometimes following tradition, the girls and I dyed eggs. Quentin was the camera man. David would have participated but it was hard enough for Joely to take turns with ALice, if she would have had to wait for two turns, she may have given birth to a cow! Poor Baby, it's hard to be two.

And as always the Hunt. It's no so much the Kill, but the thrill of th Hunt. Joely was more interested in the chocolate bunny left in her basket than finding the eggs. But when she realized they had more candy she got into it. Everyone loves an easter egg hunt, Even Sammi Jo got into the fun. The "severe weather experts" predicted torrential rain and flooding for Sunday, so we got up early to make sure the hunt would be outdoors. The "torrential" storms were pretty light weight though.

The best news of the Easter Break was finding out that Chuy's is now in Humble, TX not eggsactly in my own backyard but it's closer- so we had Easter Monday Lunch, courtesy of Chuy's! YEAH CHUY's

More to Come- Taking the cubscouts to juvenile court to see Judge Tony Polumbo in action

Reminiscings on the beautiful blue dress Joely wore for Easter (hey she even stayed in nursery all by herself-good times)

Hope all is well!


Kristy said...

Wow, the kids are getting so big. I still think of them as just little ones. Looks like a great Easter Break, and wow, what a smoker Robert got. that looks like it can cook a lot. That will be fun this summer. Hope you all are doing well. I just sent your cards on monday, so watch for them. Have a great day.

Jan said...

Your kids are so dang cute!

And I wanted to let you know that I ate at Chuy's yesteday! Love it that you can get there easily now too!

Heather said...

That Dress!! I am so happy Joely is wearing it. It looks so cute and brings back so many memories. . . Didn't we buy the girls (Harper and Alice)matching dresses? They are all so grown up now. Your kids are adorable and you and Robert are amazing. Tell Robert good luck with the smoked meat and do you think he could ship some to Southern California?

Yennigirl said...

We got the torrential rain here but the sky was cloudless by afternoon! It always made me a little sad when little kids enter the stage of realizing that there is more candy out there than the chocolate bunny in the basket! They grow up so fast!

4Girls4Me said...

Such little cuties you have!! I'm so glad you had a nice Easter and got to avoid the torrential downpour! :) Looks like fun!!

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