Thursday, July 02, 2009

Say yyyyes to vvvvv VBS

Vacation Bible school
Central Baptist Church
Baytown Texas
"It all comes back to Jesus"
June 22-25 2009
Robert's parents work at Vacation Bible School every year. Robert's dad (holding Joely) we call him Bobby, teaches about the missions of the church and Robert's mom (standing by Robert) we call her Sue, teaches the first and second graders.
It's a fun filled morning, bible lessons, (this year all about Peter) theme related activities (this year about the Down Under) snacks, games and songs.
One of the songs is the title of the blog.
There are three things I love about VBS at Central Baptist Church
1. The kids are gone for at least 4 hours a day for 5 days (usually more since Grandma and Grandpa are good about taking them out to lunch)
2. The kids get to spend a whole week with their Grandparents.
3. The kids get to hear about their Dad when he was little.
Most of the workers at VBS have known Robert his whole life, some of the helpers have known his parents most of their lives too. Robert's Aunt Elaine (actually elaine is rob's grandmother's aunt) was there helping to serve snacks and livening things up

Here is Quentin with Aunt Elaine.

On thursday night it is family night and so we go and listen to their songs, pick up their crafts and eat cookies. Robert's grandma joined us there.

Here is Maw Maw Jo Jo-

Her real name is Annie mae Elizabeth Johnson, but with all the grandmas the kids have, David and Quentin christened her maw maw Jo JO because of her parrot named Jo Jo. I need to get some pics of Jo Jo.

When we lived in East Texas, the kids attended multiple Vacation Bible Schools, you could easily rid yourself of children for the entire month of June, all for free! The kids loved hanging out with their school friends and playing games. I stayed one time at Calvary Baptist Church to see if they needed any help, and they didn't. These VBS's are well oiled machines and they are so well organized. The odd thing, they have no idea how many kids will come, but they never run out of supplies. Truly a loaves and fishes thing.

We can't wait for next year at Central, when the theme is Saddle Ridge Mountain


Nay's Mom said...

I'd send Naomi to VBS, but they'd probably kick her out for inappropriate comments. I LOVED VBS as a child.

Jan said...

Fun times!! I love that Robert's parents are involved with this -- and that the kids get a week with their grandparents that way. Love it!

Heather said...

I love seeing pictures of these wonderful people I have heard about for years! Yeah for family and for Vacation Bible School!

Renae said...

I have seen VBS's advertised here, but I don't know because we don't go that church. Now I'll consider it. I wish my parents lived closer.
I love your post and Joely's hair reminds me of you! :)
Fun times in Texas!

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