Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"chilling" at Bovay

Here is our Motley Crue

The boys and I had a fun filled three days at Bovay Scout Ranch in "Deep" central Texas. We slept in Tents and were fed cafeteria style. The boys were able to Canoe, do sling shots, pellet guns, archery, swim, make and light off rockets and search for all kinds of creeping creatures. They also rode their bikes all over the place.

There was even a "rodeo" one night. The rodeo had silly games and dancing. We did the cupid shuffle and the cotton eyed joe! David even danced a slow dance with Galadriel. She was the sweetheart of the rodeo!
We camped with two other families from our pack, John Lasseigne and his son Ian and Ricky Koester and his son Travis.

We also had an honorary member of our pack- My good friend Galadriel Hutchings and her son Dylan. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that David found out that Glad (that's what we call her) wasn't really his aunt and Dylan wasn't really his cousin. We've been friends since the boys were two. It was great to spend time with her and with the boys without any other distractions.
In our campground there were two other packs, one pack wasn't real friendly. The other pack was a dad and his son and they were a lot of fun. They blended right in with our little group and we spent a lot of time laughing and goofing off.

My favorite part was letting the boys roam free with flashlights at night and not needing to worry about them.

Here are a few pictures
Waiting in the line for food. We learned real quick that you can show up late and not have to wait in line. The only problem, you may not get the good dessert.
Mining for Gold Nuggets. This was fun, they went in a cave and got to mine. Hard Hats were required.

A rare shot of David consuming mass quanities. David was not a fan of the food choices, so one night we went into "town" Navasota Texas and picked up Dominos for the crew. Dominoes pizza never tasted so good. We had plenty left over for the kids to eat at lunch the next day, too. Playing Pirates on the lake.

I think the boys were trying to board each other's canoe. Quentin rode with Ian and his Dad and Galad had Dylan and David. I was in charge of photography. They kept the groups small as they went from place to place, so they had plenty of opportunities for fun. At the canoes they were able to paddle around the whole hour. Good Times.

Quentin got a little seasick. But he recovered in time to shoot some pellet guns.

We had a great time and I look forward to the next great scouting adventure. I wax a little nostalgic because David will be going to big Scout Camp next year- one that doesn't need parental supervision.... wah wah wah!

Alice and Joely were in the safe hands of Robert. They had a good time with their Daddy all to themselves. We sure missed them though.

One final shot of the camping fun.

Here is David and Dylan, doing David's favorite thing, Climbing. There was also a BMX Track a good time was definatly had by all!

Oh and if you think camping in texas in July is insane, you are right. However we were blessed with cooler weather, especially at night and best of all, no mosquitos buzzing around.


Jan said...

fun stuff! So sad our timing was off on your last visit here -- hopefully next time!!

Aryn said...

What a great time! But no puke brown outfit?

For some reason, I can't get enough of the pictures of you and your kids. Makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy to see your face in that first picture!

And all these dads... single ones? Any that want to make out with me? Just making sure I cover all my bases...

Adrienne said...

How Fun! What a cute camp! Colby would have loved it!

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