Sunday, August 09, 2009

Meet the Texans

On July 21st Quentin got to meet the Texans. I entered he and David in a contest sponsored by Reliant Energy to benefit the Sam Houston Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The contest was for Reliant to pay for Summer Camp (115.00) and the "consolation" prize was a training day with the Houston Texans. Quentin and his dad had a great time touring the facilities and running some plays with a handful of players and some of the coaches. Sadly Gary Kubiak (an aggie) wasn't there and neither was Mario Williams or Andre Johnson. He did meet Nick Ferguson, Mike Brisiel and Frank Okam and some coaches. Robert, ever the optimist, wondered if these players were mandated by a judge to do community service. The Texan Cheerleaders were there also, but Quentin didn't get their autographs. He did get his hat signed by some of the people there. He was flying high when he came home. His only regret was that he had to miss his first practice with his junior league football team. It was a good thing that Mario Williams wasn't there, or Quentin wouldn't have been able to stand at his locker.

"They even have their own cafeteria"
Sadly the "dinner" Robert and Quentin got was a brown bag from a sub shop, but still it's cool to see that the Texans get to eat.

Just practicing at the training field. Glory lasts forever Quentin, Glory lasts Forever.

Apparently, besides getting paid millions of dollars to play football, you can even get paid to swim. Quentin was very impressed with the aquatic center!

This is the weight room, the media is NEVER allowed in here. I put this picture in to show that some of the scouts wore their uniforms (insert laugh here) Robert wouldn't even wear his pack T-shirt. I don't think it occured to Quentin to wear anything other than his Texans T-shirt.

Quentin now has 5 practices (two and a half hours each practice) under his belt. He's well on his way to becoming a first class lineman. He plans on being a member of the wrking Crew at Texas A&M and then he'll buy his mama a new house when he plays for the Texans. Of course after his mission.

Most of Quentin's teammates have been playing full on tackle since first grade, some since kindergarten. I don't know exactly how to react when he gets his bell rung in practice or when I feel their is unnecessary roughness. I TRY to keep silent and just cheer him on and ignore my inner demon that wants to go hit the kid who hit my kid and well hope and pray I never become a football mom and bejewel myself with t-shirts that say "quentin's mom" etc.


His coaches seem nice enough, I havn't heard them yell and they do give encouragment. Quentin was afraid to miss his Thursday night practice last week when we went to my mom's, he made me get it cleared from his coach. I'm glad that he's showing dedication. His coach gave the OK and laughed when I told him Quentin was afraid he'd get traded.

When things get tough we remind him of the mantra, "Glory lasts Forever"


4Girls4Me said...

Wow!! That is so cool! What a great experience for Quentin. I don't know how you deal with the tackles already! Aagh! I'd have a rough time with that too. I guess that's what the pads are for right?? Hopefully they work pretty good?.. :)

Harper said...

Congrats Quentin!! I even showed Trevor and he just kept saying that is really cool. He wants to go with you next time. We will all be proud to say we knew Quentin when...

Aryn said...

Very cool!!!!

And that face of his... it is way too sweet. Love it.

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