Sunday, September 27, 2009

"I Only got Five Bucks!"

Appalachian Alice

Alice lost one of her big front teeth last week.

She has been wiggling and wiggling and wiggling it for quite some time now.

If finally came out.

When she bit David.

There was blood everywhere.

Apparently David was Trash Talking the Girl Scouts.

So Alice bit him and out came her tooth.

The next morning she awoke screaming.

I thought she was excited over her bounty.

But she was dissapointed.

Apparently a crisp five dollar bill isn't the going rate for a large tooth.


KCsMomma said...

LOL! I remember when Kasey lost her first, we were not prepared. All we had was a freakin' $10 bill!!! I tried to talk Dan into letting me give her a roll of pennies, but he wouldn't let me do it! LOL!!! Talk about setting the bar high!!!!!

4Girls4Me said...

FIVE bucks?? Wow, you are totally ruining it for the rest of us. Our tooth fairy leaves one gold dollar coin...
Alice is so funny! I can't wait to meet her one day! :)

Kristy said...

$5 is what our Tooth Fairy left for the first tooth as well...and a $1 for each tooth after that. I think the tooth fairy has been given a raise over they years, because when I was little I got 50 cents for the first tooth, and a quarter for each tooth after that. Alice looks so cute with her toothless smile.

geraldandmeganlove said...

Tooth Faries really do have a hard job these days.

Renae said...

I wish you'd been my tooth fairy. I remember getting coins. Maybe I'll tell Zach that what we get from the tooth fairy is a secret, so he won't know his friends may be getting more. Inflation! :) I love the drama of it, she bit him and it came out. She may use that again for the next tooth. :)

Yennigirl said...

$5!!! Our tooth fairy gives the kids a $2 bill for front teeth and a $1 gold coin, when she can remember to get them. That is so funny that it came out when she bit David!

Heather said...

Tanner said to tell you, "She got five buck? We only get $.25 a tooth!!" I love it!! It's good to hear someone is standing up for Girl Scouts these days. I will let Tanner know what the punishment is for bad mouthing Girl Scouts. Go Alice. Love you guys!

RaeAnn said...

I used to get the spare change out of the tooth fairy's pocket!! 5dollars would have felt like a million bucks!!!

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