Sunday, December 20, 2009

as Promised

So our littlest Mullens turned three on the thirteenth.
What a fun day she had.

She just kept singing

"Happy Birthday -- MMMEEEE"

all day, it was too cute.

She LOVED her Themed Cake and her awesome Yo Gabba Toys.

She loved that her BFF Keegan was there-
and another older BFF Dana was there. (stupid me I forgot to take her picture)

Joely loves to talk to and about Dana, however whenever Dana is close by she is usually quiet.

On her "cell" I hear her talking to Dana all day long.
In fact she reminds me that I need to call my friend Dana. In reality Dana is my friend, along with her husband Dayle, Dana and Dayle have a boy, Travis who is a BFF of David and Quentin and also Alice adores him, we call Travis our brother from another mother. But I digress.

Grandma and Grandpa Mullens came to her party too, and she loves her grandparents.

She was concerned because Lacie, wasnt't there, but she told me

"Grandpa will bring her dinner"

Which is true, Grandpa makes sure to bring home some of his food to feed Lacie.
So Basically we are enamored of Joely.
Here are a few of her favorite things
1. Going to see Keegan
(which is awesome for me, because I love to go see Keegan's mom)
2. Going to church- today she couldnt' go because she has strep and had not been on her penecillin long enough, she was in her room searching for a dress to wear all the time crying that she was going to church- ADORABLE
3. Her grandparents. She loves when my mom comes to visit. I become invisible, the only thing she is concerned about is what grandma is doing, where she is, who she's talking to etc. She loves to visit Rob's parents and when we go over there, she takes out her car seat and tells me goodbye before I even get to the door. She assumes and she feels entitles to an overnight visit whenever we stop in.
4. Yo Gabba Gabba- None of us understand this, but none of us are three.
5. The puppies. She loves her dogs.
6. The babies. She plays with her baby doll, so sweet and she uses a cute voice. Typically the baby needs to go to sleep, but she's always patient with her. She also loves Baby Colton and pulls faces at him and talks baby talk to him, (the aforementioned mom of Keegan babysits Baby Colton)
7. Doing things independently. Her most common phrase is "I do it MYSELF"
It's nice on the one hand, and completly lame on the other but she can and will do most things by herself.
8. Last but not least she wants to "HELP" and boy does she. She will help with anything just as long as she's first, and well if she's not first she makes it clear that you need to give up your spot.
We are so glad we have our little Joely Rose. What a fun little girl she's been and she's brought us great joy. Let's hear it for unplanned pregnancies!


Hope Farms said...

Oh I wish I could have been there - that Megan gets to have all of the fun. I am becoming jealous of her;) Happy Birthday to Miss Jo!!

Scrapbookallie said...

Fun party Miss Jo. Miss Kareena(your lovely mama) knows how to throw a party!

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