Monday, December 14, 2009

Yo Joely Joely!

Technically this post should be all about the last child born of loins, but let's be honest shall we?
This blog is all about validating me.
Pictured here is a work of "heart"

I wanted a birthday cake much better than the "bee" fiasco of last year. Last year my attempt at making her a bee cake ended horribly bad. First off, I couldn't get the frosing to turn black enough, so the Bee was yellow and brown. Then it didn't look anything like a bee. Also the homemade frosting tasted spoiled. It turns out this year when I broke out the crisco can, it smelled rancid and had an expiration date of 10/06, before Joely was even born. I'm thinking that last year the shortening had gone rancid.I also thought I was buying yellow and black balloons, but the black was purple, so the party looked like some kind of LSU alumni wedding, it was wretched. Fortunatly only grandparents were invited. Very few photos were taken, and none were taken of the offensive cake or the lame balloons.
At least there was plenty of pizza and you can never go wrong with Blue Bell.

So back to me.

This year I asked Myriam Zambrano of fabulous cakes and more, to help me design the yo gabba juke box. How hard could it be? It's a gray rectangle and with her mad skills of being able to recreate anything with fondant, I knew "I" could do it.
Well basically what I contributed was that I made a delicious cake, and then Myriam did everything else. I feel like I created the cake because it was my idea and I did make the cake (like the little red hen, I poured the box contents into the kitchen aid all by myself, added the eggs, butter and water all by myself and then all by myself I turned the kitchen aid on and then placed the batter into to rectangular pans, but I only greased one)
Also, without me, Myriam would have never made a yo gabba juke box. Now she has that in her repetoire and can go forth and actually make money on them.
While she made sure the frosting was just the right Gray, she had me rolling out fondant, adding food coloring, and cutting out the shapes. This took me literally two hours. When it came time to adhere the fondant to her cake, she didn't like what i did, apparently my rectangles looked more like teletubbies and my circles were egg shaped. It took her five minutes to get the shapes right. The only thing she left was my lettering Yo Joely and really it should have been Joely Joely, but I had lost patience at that point and the kids were going to be getting of the bus to a locked home.
So that's the story of the cake.
I'll blog about the little princess and her wild party later.


Arcalee said...

You guys did an awesome job!

KCsMomma said...

Hahaha! You crack me up! It looks great! :)

Scrapbookallie said...

Cool Cake....send me crumbs!

Barbi by the Sea said...

Happy Birthday to your little angel. I was so looking forward to seeing you and your babes when we were in Texas and I am sorry we did not get to do that. It is just hard to get everything in that we want to do when time runs short. I love your cake. What a clever thought to do that. I enjoy keeping up with you and all of your adventures. It really does brighten my day. Love you and hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.

4Girls4Me said...

I think you should post some pictures of the bee cake for comparison... :) This cake is super cute and I can't wait to see and hear more about Joely's big day! :)

Yennigirl said...

That is SO funny!! I love the little Red Hen reference. We use it often at our house. You made my day.

geraldandmeganlove said...

With such a fabulous birthday party this year I am sure that she doesn't even remember the fiasco from last year. It was super fun and the cake was awesome!

Hope Farms said...

Yes Kareena, you are a rad mom!;) I know you needed to hear it... admit it! Missing you!

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