Thursday, May 20, 2010

Seminary comes to an end for the year.....

So what does a high school production of Don Quixote have to do with seminary?

Well the lead was Kenny Chilton, one of my students-
So Alice and Quentin and I went to watch the final showing
of the award winning production. It was great, I had no idea I had been
in the presence of such great talent. The Lighting Guy, (not pictured) was Brody Stotts, another student, and apparently he's famous in the area for his excellent skills.
Not knowing much about lighting I told him if the lighting had been bad, I would have noticed, but it seemed "spot" on to me.
The whole cast was awesome and I could stay out late, since I only had one class left.

I am not so good at the whole holding the camera out and taking a photo.

So today's class was fun and a little bittersweet, I'll miss Brody he's going to BYU in the fall but I'll still have Kenny and Brandon and hopefully three other students, and of course three months of sleeping in will be good too --- to say the least.

For class we had a breakfast party and I gave them each a dvd of "How rare a Posession" which talks about how precious the Book of Mormon is. IT's good and not cheesy, like some church videos can be.

Then we read the final "sermons" of the Book of Mormon Prophets. This was suggested by my CES supervisor, Brother Pomeroy and I thought it was a wonderful suggestion so we did, Here are the References if you are interested. In Alma and Helaman, several prophets write, but it was hard to find a "farewell" speech, so we just kind of skipped them- I hope they are not offended.

Lehi- 2 Nephi 1:21-24

Nephi- 2 Nephi 33:10-15

Jacob- Jacob 7:26-27

Enos- Enos 1:25-27

Jarom- Jarom 1:13-15

Omni- Omni 1:1-3

Amaron - Omni 1:6-8

Chemish-Omni 1:9

Abinadom Omni 1:11

The above Omni Prophets, really didn't give much info, but rather recorded that they were doing what they were old, and in the case of Chemish he was tattling that his brother only wrote what he wrote the same day he gave it to him, it's kind of funny-

Amaleki- Omni 1:25-26

King Benjamin- Mosiah 3:41, Mosiah 5:14

Basically Mosiah 2-5 is his farewell address, but in the interst of time, i focused on my two favorite scriptures.

Abinadi- Mosiah 17:10

The whole story of Abinadi is worth reviewing, but we had done just that on Monday.

Alma- He is giving instruction to different children

Alma 37:46-47

Alma 38:15

Alma 42:30-31

Samuel, a Lamanite- Helaman 15:17

Jesus Christ 3 nephi 27:30-33

Nephi 4 Nepho 15-18

Mormon -Moroni 7:48, 9: 25-26

Mornoni - Moroni 10:31-34

I'm so grateful for the three months I taught this class and I look forward to next term when I can teach Church History and Gospel Doctrine, It's going to be fun.

This summer I get to do a home study program for New Testament and Old Testament for some students that missed out on their freshman years, I'm glad to keep up the studying. We'll meet once a week and they'll do work at home, but I'll be keeping up with them.

Below is a video of a talk we studied this year from Elder Holland. I was moved to tears because of it's divinity. I hope you enjoy it, I add my testimony to his that the Book of Mormon is true and that we can obtain happiness in this life and an eternal reward in the next life by obedience to the gospel and teachings found within it.


Scrapbookallie said...

Thanks, now I'm going to have to go read all of these scriptures to catch up to your understanding....I can probably never do that, however. Catch Up!

Rebecca and Co. said...

Hi Kareena! I love your blog! I wanted to comment on your FB page but it wouldn't allow me. Just wanted to say that I really miss you and I'm so happy to see how well you all look! I didn't even know you had your little Joely! Sorry for using so many exclamation points but if I saw you IRL you'd think I was showing restraint. :)

Rebecca Jones

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