Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend Fun!

The weekend started on Friday Night. After Houston was soaked to the rim with the outer bands of the Hurricane, the rain left and we had great weather for the weekend.

Friday night I went to a late showing of Eclipse with Holly and her fam. It was wonderful, I liked it sooo much. If you you don't remember, I HATED the New Moon movie. But Eclipse was wonderful, It had everything I needed, shirtless werewolves, awesome vamp fights and I now have another convert in the "Bella needs to be shot, not made into a vampire" group. She irritated Holly too! LOL

So that was Friday Night!

Great time, and I can't wait to get the video and watch it again and again and then one more time.

So what says 4th of July better than a Crosby Parade?

(if you look close you can see Quentin- I couldn't get this mom to move, and she's with the Sherrif's department so I didn't want to remove her by force)

This year the parade fell on July 3rd, which was pretty good scheduling, if you ask me.

And we really don't feel right about attending a parade without the Loves.

And thanks David for joining us. He did eventually come out to help pick up candy, after just "one more level, then I can save it."
More activities to come- but I'll publish this for now.


Scrapbookallie said...

Can I join your club of hating Bella but loving Jacob and Edward (maybe) Edward. Love 4th of July parades even on the 3rd of July or the 5th.

KCsMomma said...

Your posts always crack me up!! I loved Eclipse too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Coupons Batman