Sunday, July 25, 2010

Look Mom I CAN sew!!!

Megan got a cute pattern for some easy peasy skirts when her mom visited last month.
I was inspired from a cute post from Jennifer Sorenson Scott's blog
and i really wanted to sew, so we finally got together and made these cute easy skirts.
Next time we'll try to do Jennifer's pattern- (seriously check out her blog)

so cute on her way to church with her scriptures and her song book.

And best of all they twirl and twirl and twirl

watch out mom, I just may "borrow" your surger on my next visit.
It was fun getting in touch with my inner seamstress.
She had been in chains for years.
Just don't look to close to the hem and you'l lbe impressed.
Alice LOVED hers
and Joely Loved having a BEAUTIFUL NEW SKIRT.


Scrapbookallie said... are the cat's meow!

SweetmamaK said...


geraldandmeganlove said...

Your are SOOO talented, I am just in awe. We are going to have to do it again. It really was fun to put the kids to bed and sit at a sewing machine again.

Heather said...

HELLO!!! Love those skirts! One more amazing talent you possess. Harper and I would love a skirt as well. Do you take orders? =)

Holy Coupons Batman