Saturday, July 24, 2010

This is the Place!

On July 24th 1847, Brigham Young led a rag tag group of Pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley. It is well documented that he rose from his fever stricken bed in the back of a wagon and said,
"This is the right place"
Thousands upon Thousands followed and the Salt Lake Valley thrived with the faith, hope and determination of the myriad pioneers that came across the plains and the Atlantic.
Today we celebrate our heritage and I think about my grandparents that made the sacrifice to practice their religion. I'm proud of my pioneer roots.
In Utah and Idaho (where my family comes from)
IT's a big deal
And that's how the Mormons up north roll.
However, here in the deep south, we celebrate Pioneer Day a little different.

While Brigham Young's words are well documented, a lesser known tradition was born that day.

Apparently the morning of the 24th the Bishopric got up early and made pancakes for everyone and all the women and children had to do was get ready to eat by 8 am.
And that's how we roll.
Thanks for the good food and good times this morning.
Oh and A Huge Thanks to
Grandma and Grandpa Ward
Grandma and Grandpa John
Grandma and Grandpa Bright
For doing all they could do which led to me having it real easy to grow up and beleive in this church- that they literally toiled over.
Happy Pioneer Day.

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Scrapbookallie said...

We had breakfast too but at 7:00 a.m. needless to say I missed it this go around. The mayor has stopped shooting of the cannon for us all to wake up!

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