Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Toy Story three


I realize we are Johnny Come Latelies on this.
But we went today.

Usually Disney gets me with a dead mom or dog, but this time it was thinking about my precious little guy leaving for college in a brief six years.

Just before it got sad, Joely decides she wants to sit by Alice so David was in the seat with me all snuggled up when I started to bawl- true sobbing you know CHEST HEAVING and all. David was wondering if I was ok and I told him it was sad.

I just kept thinking about all the many firsts I had with the little dude and how once he goes off to college he'll have plenty of firsts but none will have me in it


He was sweet and held me tight.

Hey what are Alice and Quentin doing sitting next to each other?
Mr. Oil and Ms. Water?
Well on Monday they were at each others throats until I made them go into their rooms until they could get along.
I figured they'd still be there.
These two can literally disagree on anything.
For instance They fought over who will win the Final Jam, Alice says it will be Camp Rock and Quentin says Camp Star.
Clearly Quentin knows "aint no way in a manger" a Jonas Brother will lose, so he's just doing it to "offend and insult" (her words) Alice. I'll be honest that one irritated me, I mean come on-
Who doesn't love Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers?
But I digress--Back to Monday
Robert, David, Joely and I left for scouts and told them they still needed to work it out.
They joined together against us and right now we are all enjoying a temporary cease-fire.
Alice called us while we were gone and said,
"You should leave us together alone more often, we played board games"
Most likely they complained about their parents a lot and played a little,
Whatever works.

Cheese Joely.
She didn't like the previews-
But she enjoyed the show and the popcorn and even Mr. Pibb
(they didn't have the Doctor at the AMC Theater)
Oh yeah, why do I have Barbie and Ken up there?
Because true love wins in the end.


Scrapbookallie said...

I have yet to see the teary-eye show but I will try to cry in your honor and think about Austin being at college with his blankie made into a jacket and no legos on the floor to step on! LOL

Yennigirl said...

When my kids fight, they "get" to go have a "best friends club" in one of their rooms until they can remember that they are best friends. I hate being a parents some times!

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