Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ace is the Place

We moved here almost four years ago.
And one of the first shops Robert went to was Ace Hardware.
We dont' remember what it was he needed (keys copied, somethign for the lawn mower?)
Anyhoo for some reason the service was bad.
So we decided to boycott.
Well this week we needed some air filters and a drain auger and I just didn't
feel like Driving 15 miles to Baytown or 13 miles to Atascocita,(to the Lowes) so I stopped into
Ace Hardware.
Much to my suprise they were awesome and friendly and gave us a great deal on the air filters
(buy a box of 12 but only pay for 10)
So now that we can't remember why we were boycotting them, I'm now a fan.
Definatly had the "friendly hardware man"
Today the girls and I had lunch with Arcalee and then swam for about 3 hours at the pool with Kristen Nelson and Kaitlyn.
It was a fun fun day.
We first met Kristen and Kaitlyn 4 years ago at "cheer kingdom" the girls were just 3 and 4 and Alice didn't cheer the whole year, but I would ALWAYS run into Kristen in and around Crosby.
Then this spring I was at a Girl Scout Leader Meeting and there she was again and we camped with them at Lake Livginston and I'm glad to get to know her for real.
The girls had a blast and so did I.
Also since Kristen is "from crosby" she knows everyone or at least their brother and so its fun to learn about everyone she went to high school with and she also was one of my mother in law's students, "back in the day"
With the exception of the Ace hardware picture, I forgot to take any other photos- silly me.
Again I can't wait to see the boys tomorrow.
They called and had been on a pirate cruise, Life is good for the Mullens Boys.
Oh and I cooked a pork tenderloin tonight.
It was yummy and easy and well healthy too! (I seasoned it with Tony's and cooked it for 30 minutes ina 475 oven- a variation of a Rachel Ray recipe)
I also made this Giant Green Salad
I got the recipe from my friend Rebecca Jones Food Blog (you can find her on "keeping up with the Jones" ont he side of this blog- I digress)
I was real excited to make the salad, because it's her recipe that's printed in a Taste of Home issue, she's a food editor. But like most things I don't read the directions all the way through.
When I was cutting up the lettuces I thought, man this sure calls for a lot, then I read the directions for the dressing and I thought Holy COW- that's a lot of oil- and then I read the bottom- Serves 85!!! 85 Ay Caramba, and then I considered the title, "GIANT" green salad- so then I giggled and cut the recipe down to about 1/5- It made me think of the cookbook Adrienne, Heather, Jenny, Breezy and I put together one night for our old Memorial Park Ward, there was a recipe in it called Manwacos that served 106 --we giggled so much that night.
Anyhoo Alice and I loved the salad sooo much that we'll make it again and at my next Church Dinner we will make the whole recipe and serve 85 of our closest friends!
Have a great night.


Adrienne said...

It would probably go great with the manwacos right hahahahaha!

Heather said...

What a delight to come to your blog today and see all these wonderful posts. Who gave these girls permission to grow up so fast? I just remember cute baby Alice. How is she old enough to have a girl party and paint nails and all that fun stuff? I am jealous of all your summer pool visits and fun times. Your Ace hardware sounds awesome. You are so handy. Robert too. Thanks for letting us be part of your life through your blog and good luck with the day care! Maybe you could fix them some salad for lunch! =)

Yennigirl said...

Must try that salad!! Do you remember the salad "Homemaking" night (I can call it that because it was official then) in the MP ward? Did the Manwacos make it into the book? That book brings back so many memories and laughs!! That one night was so great! Oh, and we love our Ace Hardware.

SweetmamaK said...

I so remember the salad homemaking night, I still have the recipes, (God Bless Lisa Peterson!) even though this is the third computer, I keep it on my computers for easy access! Every recipe submitted made it into the book, LOL- I have yet to make them, but I think about doing it a lot!

Scrapbookallie said...

I made myself a big salad last night.....not quite that big. Remember Elaine's big salad on Seinfield. It was much like that. You could feed all your neighbors!

Rebecca and Co. said...

Kareena, you make me laugh!!! Just so you know, when I submitted that recipe it was "normal" sized. But the powers that be at the magazine wanted it in the Potluck Pleasers section and sized it accordingly. But it is a good salad. :)

I love all your new posts!

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